Nikki Silver

I am the creator/owner/visionary behind When I’m not here working on this site I love to go out on adventures. I spent many years travelling, domestically and abroad and love to explore new places. I’m a major nudist in my day to day life as well as adventures as you’ll see here ;)

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09.19.17 - 167 photos

I’m back!

New Photoset up of me! Check out my cute lil outfit for the woods! My hair is lookin’ hella long and gorgeous! Some great spread shots in here, mmmm, enjoy!

08.24.17 - 161 photos

Furry Babe

I felt so sexy rolling around in barely there lingerie on this fur rug! Ugh, just thinking about it turns me on, enjoy!

07.20.17 - 198 photos

Nikki at the River

I love swimming? Did you know! Despite my cute bathing suit I much prefer to experience natural worlds fully natural and nude myself! Enjoy these almost 200 High Res photos of me stripping and getting my body hair nice and wet!

06.22.17 - 191 photos

Hairy Librarian

Have you ever imagined me as a sexy librarian? Showing off my thick, dark hairy legs in a pair of stilletos and pencil skirt?

05.25.17 - 166 photos

Fall into me

Did this photoset in the fall when the Bay leaves were falling. Watch flirt and strip out of my short skirt and get naked in nature with you!

04.27.17 - 200 photos

Hairy Power

Do you like powerful, hairy women? This was my first time wearing a corset and I have say, I liked it! Enjoy my hairy power!

03.23.17 - 162 photos


Does this dress look familiar? I finally put on the famous white dress I’ve had so many models wear and show off my curves!

02.18.17 - 118 photos

More Nikki!

Brand new sexy photoset of yours truly! In a sexy black lacey dress and nude heels and lingerie showing off my hairy legs and body shape! Enjoy

01.17.17 - 169 photos


Enjoy these photos of me really getting into my all natural body and enjoying the last bit of daylight up on a hill!

12.22.16 - 52 photos

Bonus Set!

Bonus photoset of myself in some gorgeous purple lace lingerie. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination! Full, seperate photoset will be up in this set this winter.

12.17.16 - 153 photos

Happy Holidays

Get romantic with me as I drink wine and use my type writer to pen some steamy love letters. Red lingerie, red wine, sexy me, what else can you want?

11.17.16 - 162 photos

More Nikki!

I am SO HAPPY with this photoset of myself! I think this comes the closest to a shoot that is in the style I usually shoot models and I look hot! Enjoy!

10.20.16 - 117 photos


What you’ve all been waiting for I’m sure. Me all dressed up in some nice lingerie, stockings and heels spreading my pussy wide!

09.22.16 - 121 photos

Goddess in White

White mini dress and thong outside, doesn’t get much better than this, I look freakin’ amazing! Lots of spready pussy and dark hair shots. This dress was actually a gift from one of you! Hope you enjoy this set!

09.18.16 - 77 photos

Bonus Set! Hairy Movie Star

Whose that you’ve spotted from across the gardens, it is hairy film star Nikki Silver? Looking glamorous and reading sci fi in her short dress and heels showing off her hairy calves and armpits?

07.12.16 - 118 photos

Nikki is back!

Wouldn’t you like to come into your kitchen and find me standing there in casual cotton panties and bra? There are so many awesome, naughty spread hairy pussy shots in this set but only members get to see those! Enjoy!

05.17.16 - 89 photos


Did you go see the movie Carol and get a boner? Well I did! Steamy lesbian, older/young romance, yep, got me nice and wet! So here I am posing with the book, which is also great in stockings and lingerie, join me?

04.26.16 - 97 photos

Dominant Nikki

My assistant did this awesome set of me. It’s a little different than most of my other sets, a little more glam, a lil more raunch. Hope you like it

03.10.16 - 167 photos

Business Lady

The photoset to go along with the famous video, ‘Nikki’s Assistant’ Black garter belt with sheer thigh high, cuban heel stockings, shiny black stilletos and my all natural and furry body to top it all off! Enjoy this photoset of myself dressed up like a professional business woman!

02.28.16 - 38 photos

Bonus Set! Vintage Nikki

I did this awesome set with photographer; Michael Berkowitz at the end of the summer but figured I’d say as a winter treat for you! I did not travel back in time though it looks like I did, enjoy this vintage sepia set with lots of hairy pussy spreads!

12.14.15 - 32 photos

Bonus Update! Nikki’s Selfies

Happy belated Monday! Just a few shots I took with my phone before shooting with Harley Hex! Enjoy these sun drenched, hairy selfies by your truely!


Sexy Hairy Lesbians in the Woods

We just took a few photos during this extended girl/girl sex scene but I figured you’d like to see them so here they are!

09.19.15 - 139 photos

Itsy Bitsy Bikini

My last photo set by the amazing Ellen Stagg! Classic white bikini, a la 70’s style. We were able to get pretty naughty on this public beach, thanks NY!

08.22.15 - 124 photos


Another great set from Ellen Stagg. I am loving my long hair, and touching my wet, hairy pussy, enjoy!

08.05.15 - 86 photos

White Lace

I shot this photoset with the incredibly talented and beautiful Ellen Stagg while in NY. I think my dark body hair looks so good through this white lace body suit, and so did some of the guys who walked by us!

05.28.15 - 147 photos


The tables turn! I am watching a hot somebody in the building across the street and getting turned on in my lacey dress. I reach down and hike up my skirt to play with my hairy pussy, all the while pearing through the binnoculars…

05.05.15 - 166 photos

Red Chair

Another amazing photoset! Watch me strip out of my barely there shirt and into a hot matching bra and panties set. Spread and naked in all directions!

04.25.15 - 151 photos

Morning Coffee

You are in for a treat! I found this amazing photographer and we did a few photosets. Get ready for super high quality sun drenched photos of my pussy, asshole and smiling face!

04.04.15 - 138 photos


The Mexican sun really made me look amazing. I’ve never gotten to do a pool shoot before as it’s hard to find pools I can get naked at and spread my wet hairy pussy! You’re in luck, cuz I found one!

03.12.15 - 131 photos

Private Rooms 2

Part 2 of my Private Rooms photoshoot, lots of gorgeous, natural light close ups of my pussy and asshole. Cum join me in my bedroom..

09.22.17 15:30 minutes

Here I am!

I loved playing with my long head hair in this video before getting nude and showing off all my hairy assets.

08.26.17 14:55 minutes


I put on a sexy lace one piece and some sensual music to really get into myself, I hope you like my movements. I got so turned on I masturbate at the end.

07.22.17 15:23 minutes

Veggie Love

I grew this cucumber and then I fucked my hairy pussy with it! Enjoy!

06.24.17 18:22 minutes

Role Play w/Nikki

Role play as my library assistant! Maybe you can help me with more than just reshelving books?

04.29.17 18:18 minutes

Hairy Domina

I know you love worshipping all natural hairy women, especially me right? The queen of all the hairy girls. Come worship my gorgeous, all natural body in this sexy, dominant video.

03.25.17 19:30 minutes

More Nikki!

New, almost 20 minute long video of me! I show off and dance in my long white dress before undressing and showing off my hairy armpits and bush close up. I then sit and spread my legs for you so you can see right inside my beautiful pink pussy before masturbating.

02.21.17 18:10 minutes

Hairy Orgasm

I decided to try something new with my lighting and have a dark, lush scene with velour and black lingerie. I seduce you with a strip tease before getting onto my bed for an intense jerk off session complete with all 3 sizes of my dildos! Leading up to a huge one! and big orgasm!

01.19.17 17:58 minutes

Double Orgasm

I set up a camera to capture myself frolicking in the sunset and playing in my long, flowy dress. Of course I want to feel the sun on my naked body so I quickly get undressed and run around in just hiking boots, eventually dropping to the ground to cum twice!

12.24.16 18:09 minutes

Lost in Velvet

When I shot this I had a great time masturbating but thought the lighting turned out weird. Ends up it looks super cool! Watch me work my way up to a big, fat dildo and make myself cum hard!

11.19.16 19:07 minutes

Hairy Lover

Being in the woods make me feel so sensual! I know I say that over and over but it’s true! The naked, all natural female form has no better backdrop from the forest from wence it came! Enjoy this sexy new video of me cumming in the woods!

09.24.16 18:33 minutes


I came home to such beautiful light pouring in my window. I put on my long white silk dress and my favorite music and just starting moving my body. I strip off my clothes, getting a few close ups here and there until I’m totally naked, playing with my body hair in the amazing light. Then I lay down and masturbate with a vibrator and dildo, letting the sun pour over my body, uh, so nice.

08.18.16 15:38 minutes

Editing Break

I decided to make some ‘reality porn.’ This video is pretty similar to what happens in my day to day. Editing naked, getting turned on by the content and taking a break to masturbate while I watch it. Enjoy!

07.19.16 18:38 minutes

Kitchen Queen

You all requested a video of me cleaning in the nude, as well as white cotton panties, so here it is! I start off in just some panties, wipe down some counters, do some dishes, and then strip naked to finish cleaning. Soon I need a masturbation break and lucky you get to watch!

03.20.16 19:49 minutes

Body Tour Download Version

I’m having trouble editing my original post so I just made a new one here with the Download Version of ‘Body Tour’ Sorry for the inconvenience!

03.15.16 19:49 minutes

Body Tour

I had so much fun doing this tour of my body. I got EVERYWHERE and did Extreme Close Ups of all my hairy bits, and the fun bits as well, luckily those 2 overlap a bit. Enjoy this rather long video exploration of my full, nude body as well as of course me masturbating at the end.

02.29.16 45:00 minutes

Bonus Video: Nikki on Cam

Did you miss my show last week? Well here’s a sneak peak, well a 45 minute long sneakpeak. Don’t mind the quality, it looks much better when streaming, I’m still figuring out how to capture it at high quality. Don’t miss my show tommorrow! March 1st 7pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time! Just go here:

02.16.16 18:45 minutes

Nikki’s Assistant

I hired you to help with some photo editing, so I could have more time to relax. However, you keep getting distracted by the hairy beauty I’m having you edit and aren’t getting through the job fast enough. I scold you and tell you to massage my feet after my long work meeting. You’re terrible at being an assistant but pretty good at being my hairy pussy devotee 😉

11.24.15 15:13 minutes

Hairy Jerk Off Instruction

My first Jerk Off Instruction Video, it was so fun! And got me SO turned on, I think I may have to do more of these talking to the camera type videos soon. Enjoy!

10.24.15 8:34 minutes

Golden Hour

Though this video is short, I am workin’ my all natural body every second, bending, curving and stretching so you can see every bit off my hairy goodness, ending with a powerfull orgasm!

10.08.15 15:50 minutes

Dark Hair and Sheer White

A fan bought me this lovely white sheer dress and I thought it would look great, highlighting the curves of my all natural body and dark hair. I strip and dance in it before getting totally naked and spreading my pussy for the sun! Oh and masturbating of course.

09.22.15 25:40 minutes

Into the Woods Part 1

Shot by the incredibly talented Fivestar, I think this is my best girl/girl scene to date. Mire and I are on a hike in the woods when I have to pee. I take off my shorts and pee standing up on the side of the trail. Mire can’t help but notice my hairy bush and suggest resting by a river. I offer her a foot massage which quickly turns into me worshipping her hairy legs and beautiful toes with my tongue and lips. We then start making out and eating each others hairy armpits before getting naked and eating and fingering each others hairy pussys.

09.03.15 21:33 minutes

New York

I had a lover of mine, Kaden, shoot me on a rooftop in NY overlooking the Manhatten Skyline! I love how this lace bodysuit feels on my skin and my dark body hairy looks great in it!

08.29.15 19:07 minutes

Inside my Hairy Pussy

Some members asking for a video with lots of close up pussy explanation and showing so here it is. I talk a lot in this video! First showing off my sexy purple lace onesy, getting myself turned on rubbing my hairy pussy against the lace, then taking it off and slowing showing you how I like to be touched and licked. Getting increasingly close up shots of my pussy till you are literally inside!

08.06.15 14:38 minutes


Watch this disgruntled camper try to chop wood, with moderate success. I get so frustrated I just have to go lay down in my tent and masturbate with a big fat dildo! Shot by James Darling

07.14.15 16:35 minutes

Lady of the Lake

I’m all dressed up in some 50’s style slip, playing by the river, letting the water run over my hairy legs. I get in the water in the my underwear and slowly remove them. Lots of body hair close ups and me masturbating on a rock!

06.20.15 16:09 minutes

White Tent

Oh no! You may not be able to see me in my white slip and white bra and panties in my whit tent, lucky for you I do a sexy striptease so you can see my tanned, healthy skin just fine against the white. Watch me move and sway to the music, showing off all my best assets, dark hairy armpits, full breasts and firm ass before spreading my legs and playing with my wet and hairy pussy.

05.21.15 21:19 minutes


This started off as an excercise video with squats and stretching but I couldn’t resist the water so I dived right in and had a great time! I love this video, it is beautiful and it felt amazing to make, enjoy! Cinematography by Ash Cassidy.

04.09.15 21:54 minutes


Imagine we are on vacation together in Mexico. You’re out relaxing by the pool and I come outside in my white, sheer, thong bikini. I relax and take off my top and then get in the water to play around. As soon as I step in my bikini goes sheer from being wet and you can see my full nipples and dark pussy hair right through it… 11/7/2016 – NOTE – Somehow the streaming version got overwritten by the wrong video and I can’t fix it. So for the meantime please download this video to watch the right one. So sorry!

03.24.15 33:16 minutes


This video, well film really, is very different than most of my scenes. I hope you enjoy this experimental snippet into my love life. I think it’s gorgeous and highly sexual, and I had a blast making it. Enjoy! Cinematography by Isabel Dressler.

03.14.15 18:54 minutes

Enter my world…

Sorting through photos for my new book ‘Unshaven’ I get turned on looking at photos of a new model, I’ve yet to update with…I bring her photo to my bed and start touching myself…

02.21.15 18:34 minutes

Lonely Witch Part 2

In Part 2 of my ‘Lonely Witch’ series I use magic to do some self bondage and direct a hitachi all over my body, ending in a huge orgasm!

02.19.15 20:37 minutes

Lonely Witch Part 1

Doing a spell turns on little witch, Nikki Silver so much that she just has to start touching herself, and you know that she can’t help but grab a bit fat dildo when she gets herself all hot and bothered and her pussy all wet…

02.05.15 39:04 minutes

Paint Party

Luca really wanted to paint with me. She said she had gone on this date with a beautiful woman where they painted together and played in the paints, expressing their creativity and desire for each other. Of course I end up wrestling with this feisty and fierce woman and we lick and finger each other’s hairy armpits and pussys in all kinds of positions, finally cumming in 69, covered in paint and pussy juice!

01.13.15 20:30 minutes

Log Lady

I really go to town trying to hack out some weeds from my side yard. I get so hot that I have to take off all my clothes and the lo and behold! My favorite dildo appears on a log next to me!

11.22.14 28:22 minutes

Garden Fairy

I had a videographer shoot me gardening and playing in my backyard. Lo behold, I ended up with a 28 minute video and powerful orgasm with lots of High Def Close ups of all my hairy and sexy parts. Enjoy!

11.08.14 12:43 minutes


I went on a run and got so turned on, getting my blood flowing and all that I go to the backyard to jerk off. Unfortunantly there are too many neighbors so I go inside where I find a toy… Shot by James Darling

October 5: Nikki and Simone!

Simone and I got wet and wild in this sexy, hairy, lesbian video! You don’t want to miss us spraying each other with a hose, making out and licking each others’ hairy armpits and pussys, eating ass, riding each others faces and some hardcore finger fucking from behind!

October 5: Nikki and Simone!

Simone and I got wet and wild in this sexy, hairy, lesbian video! You don’t want to miss us spraying each other with a hose, making out and licking each others’ hairy armpits and pussys, eating ass, riding each others faces and some hardcore finger fucking from behind!

October 3: Simone and Nikki

Simone and I are lookin’ better than ever, am I right? Long hair and all natural, mature hairy bodies! We had so much fun posing and playing together, Simone is such a babe! Some really great pussy licking shots in this one. Video to cum.

September 22: Here I am!

I loved playing with my long head hair in this video before getting nude and showing off all my hairy assets.

September 19: I’m back!

New Photoset up of me! Check out my cute lil outfit for the woods! My hair is lookin’ hella long and gorgeous! Some great spread shots in here, mmmm, enjoy!

September 13: Need Input for Solo Content of Me!

give me your requests now, if I think they are appealing for most members, I’ll do it! Don’t delay, starting Thursday at noon Pacific Standard Time I’ll be in the woods …

September 7: New Idea for Girl/Girl Scenes!

…I came up with an idea called a ‘Fan Collaboration Video’ – I’ll give a discount of $100, because I also want to see more girl/girl scenes so for only $500 you can get a lesbian hairy sex scene of your choosing produced!…

August 31: What do you want to see me and Simone do?

I will be shooting a girl/girl scene with Simone is about 2 weeks and I want to know what you want to see us do! ….

August 26: Decadent

I put on a sexy lace one piece and some sensual music to really get into myself, I hope you like my movements. I got so turned on I masturbate at the end.

August 24: Furry Babe

I felt so sexy rolling around in barely there lingerie on this fur rug! Ugh, just thinking about it turns me on, enjoy!