Nikki Silver

I am the creator/owner/visionary behind When I’m not here working on this site I love to go out on adventures. I spent many years travelling, domestically and abroad and love to explore new places. I’m a major nudist in my day to day life as well as adventures as you’ll see here ;)

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02.03.15 - 145 photos

Paint Party

Luka and I got a bit messy painting, so we decide to wrestle and take off all our clothes, oh yeah and lick each other’s hairy parts and fuck each others hairy pussy’s with our fingers till we cum. Enjoy this fun, banter filled scene with one of my bestie’s!

01.26.15 - 44 photos


Don’t worry, I’m not smoking a cigarette here -wink- I know this may not be everyone’s taste but I love the way smoke looks in photos, enjoy!

01.06.15 - 134 photos

Swaying in the Breeze

Check out this awesome of photoset of me in a graffiti covered look out post, my body hair blowing in the breeze, spreading my pussy and generally having a good time.

12.23.14 - 172 photos


I had so much fun doing this photoset. People kept cumming around so we did it super fast and I just had to flash the camera whenever people weren’t around. I love how it turned out, despite the different in lighting, I think you’ll love it too. Look how fancy I am!

12.11.14 - 112 photos


Here are the photos from my upcoming video ‘Spellbound’ with Joey Minx! This furry little vixen and I lick all of each others hairy parts, armpits, ass cracks, legs and pussy and much, much more but you’ll have to wait for the video to see everything I do to them.

12.06.14 - 140 photos

Fur Coat Flasher

I ran around San Francisco with a photographer and nothing on under my fur coat, flashing the camera every time the tourists were away! It was so much fun and there are some great shots of my all natural body set against the iconic golden gate bridge and even a shot of a random guy taking a photo of me! Have I told you I’m an exhibitionist?

11.15.14 - 82 photos


I just love this new crocheted dress I got. Sheer with lots of holes for stray hairs and nipples to peak out of. Hope you aren’t getting sick of it yet!

11.01.14 - 107 photos

Pink Shirt

I love this sheer pink shirt I found recently. You can see my nipple hairs right through it! Especially when I pour water on my breasts!

10.23.14 - 103 photos

Tomato Time

As I’m sure you can tell I have a lot of love for my little garden. In this photoset I show off in my barely there, crocheted dress before rubbing tomatoes all over my full breasts and pussy nipples and then spreading my pussy and ass to the sun.

10.09.14 - 152 photos


I’ve been falling deeper and deeper in love with gardening lately. One day I will have a huge property and be able to create the magical fairy hairy land I dream of. Until then, enjoy this photoset of me transforming my yard, and in turn myself into a hot and hairy naked girl, spreading her pussy to the sun!

09.25.14 - 156 photos

My FPA Trophy!

Though I didn’t make it to Toronto to recieve my award I am still so honored that I won, so here’s a little photoset of me giving my trophy some love!

09.08.14 - 63 photos

Hairy Heels

Another awesome set from 4ground photography. I show off my bush in my thigh high stockings and heels and button down shirt. Lots of awesome shots from below and on the bed, removing and playing with my stockings.

08.23.14 - 132 photos


I set up my camera on a tripod and a timer and went to town workin’ it in the window of my vacation rental! Luckily nobody walked by to find me leaning into the glass arching my ass into the camera. But you get to!

08.14.14 - 122 photos

The Writer

I pulled out my very own smith-corona manual typewriter for this shoot with 4ground photo! As well heels and see through stockings as some members have been requesting! I do have to say, it was more fun than I thought. I may be doing more lingerie and heels shoots soon…

07.24.14 - 79 photos

Oak Goddess

My dear friend Quinn Cassidy and I went to the woods and he took these awesome photos of me! I’m beggining to love Oak trees almost as much as Redwoods. Enjoy!

07.01.14 - 124 photos

Wanna Ride?

Would you pick me up if you saw me on the side of the road? Bet you would, and my hairy armpits wouldn’t hurt. Ruckus sure liked/licked them.

06.19.14 - 38 photos


I’ve always been told I’d fit better in another era, so here it is. 70’s style polaroids, with my dark hair and light skin in full contrast, and these are real polaroids scanned in! The originals are available, signed by me, email for more details

05.22.14 - 136 photos

Beach Party part 4

The last and final piece of my beach party. Oh well, guess we have to go shoot more huh?

05.04.14 - 88 photos

Bonus! Nikki in a thong!

Want to buy your very own hairy girl a barely there bikini? Or better yet, me one?! Just click HERE!

Literally impromptu photoshoot my friend did with his phone at a local lake we went to, to swim! I definintly was getting some strange looks so no actual nudity here, but still plenty to get your attention. Bikini courtesy of

04.15.14 - 123 photos

Beach Party Part 3

More awesome photos from our beach shoot!


Beach Party Part 2

Another set from the beach. This was one of the funnest days of my life! And the photos do a great job of showing the behind the scenes action as well as the posed photos. Me and Felix run around on a rock face and cuddle in the waves as well as lots of all 4 girls posing in the sunshine. We also frolick under a waterfall and show off our hairy parts as best we can without risking getting charged with indecent exposue! Enjoy! 4 hairy bush’s, 4 sets of boobs and 4 tasty butts!

02.03.14 - 32 photos

Bonus Update! Bush Photography

I got new lense and messed around with taking some extreme close ups of my body parts, bush, pussy, anus, breasts. There wasn’t an amazing amount of light but I think these are the first shots of my pubic area where you can really see how grown out and wild my hair is! I’m thinking of doing more of these artistic super close up shots of all my models from now on, what do you think? Of course, only available to my loyal members!

01.23.14 - 93 photos

Put it in my butt

My lovely intern, HoneyBee Boudior, shot this set of me! And all with natural light! Amazing.
There’s a lil bit of weirdness with the end of the photoset and numbering etc, I will get to fixing it at some point, but at least you have them all now! and can download them.

12.12.13 - 233 photos

Beach Party Part 1

Here’s just a fraction of the photos we have from this amazing day of hairy bliss. Watch us in super pretty sun lite photos, frolick and play in the waves and eachother. Awesome time. Check out the behind the scenes videos for additional Beach Party photage.

11.26.13 - 96 photos

Hairy Pussy Picnic

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so these are the photos from Camera 1! Me and Maggie get down and dirty in an old growth redwood forest! She keeps on her cute hiking boots as I pleasure her with a big glass toy! Loads of armpit and pussy licking, much more to come to his shoot, photo and video.

09.18.13 - 75 photos

Afternoon Light

Part 2 of my awesome photoset I did before my travels in my living room using the afternoon light. There are lots of great close up sun lit pussy shots of the ice going in and out. Oh, it felt so good!

08.02.13 - 62 photos

First Boy/Girl

Photos from my super sexy boy/girl shoot with my lover Shephard.


Porch Time

Just hangin’ out on my porch!

07.12.13 - 71 photos


In this set I pose on a log in the forest, in clothes and fully nude, with awesome views of the woods behind me.


Hot Day

10.11.14 11:09 minutes

Another Music Video…

I get my groove on once again. Gyrating my hips and moving my body just gets my pussy so wet! Shot by James Darling

09.27.14 14:12 minutes

More Stockings and Heels!

Well, I’ve clearly been on a heels and stockings kick thanks to a few members encouragment. See how far you get by telling me what you want! Everyone else tell me too!

09.14.14 12:16 minutes

Nikki POV

I did this awesome POV video with my friend James Darling. I strip and tease the camera, dirty talking and eventually end up on the ground getting my wet pussy pounded out by James holding this dick on a stick.

08.26.14 11:43 minutes

All my toys

By now, you probably know my favorite way to masturbate. Big fat dildo and my hitachi magic wand, maybe something in my ass if I’m feeling adventurous. In this video I simply set up the camera and did my thing. Enjoy.

07.31.14 22:00 minutes

Oak Goddess

Posion Oak can’t hurt me! Come watch me play with all my hairy bits, nipple, asshole and pussy out in this beautiful Oak grove. Preview to cum, or just sign up today!

07.06.14 1 hr minutes

Wanna Ride? Full

06.03.14 21:05 minutes

Good Morning

I created a little tent enclosure on my porch and used it jerk off outside! Cum watch me spread my pink pussy and cum hard!

05.13.14 37:04 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Full

The full legnth version of ‘Lesbian Forest Voyuers’ Despite all the site problems at the moment, the pirate has stopped! So I’ll be posting all my full length, HD downloadables now for your enjoyment! Enjoy! I know I did…

04.29.14 38:01 minutes

Higher Tonight Full Version

Part 1 and 2 together. The full 38+ minute plus version. Now with Download Link Available!

04.29.14 21:51 minutes

Higher Tonight Part 2

Part 2 of this awesome masturbation-athon. I put a dildo in my butt, then a bigger one, all the while warming myself up with my hitachi, then i put an even bigger dildo in my pussy and fuck myself hard in all kinds of positions cumming over and over again.

04.26.14 16:31 minutes

Higher Tonight

I had my super talented friend Aja Pops shoot this sun drenched video of me. It starts out sexy, hairy music video and turns into hardcore masturbation. Special thanks to MOSH for the music ‘Let the smoke do the talking’

04.05.14 12:32 minutes


I went out to my favorite outside spot to the shoot in the bay area to finally shoot myself! A tree was blooming, shedding white petals, down onto my naked body…

02.27.14 19:42 minutes

I love coconuts

Sadly. I lost part 1 and 2 of this amazing day of masturbating I filmed of myself. But I think you’ll enjoy this. Let me know what you think of this self-filming style. thanks!

02.08.14 16:01 minutes

Bareback Anal Part 3

The last part in this 3 part hardcore boy/girl anal video of me and my lover! Watch me get my ass fucked in all kinds of positions, doggy on my back, lots of close ups. It felt so, so good.

02.06.14 15:20 minutes

Bareback Anal Part 2!

I know you’re all waiting to see that dick go in my butt. However you’ll have to wait for part 3 for that! In part 2 my man gets me ready for a hard anal pounding by working out my pussy. He knows my body so well, just how to get me going, enjoy! And don’t worry, part 3 will be coming out in just a few days.

01.09.14 18:51 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyeurs Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome multi-girl porno, I use a glass toy on maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her hard from behind, I pull her hair, call her a dirty girl and force her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth, then she makes me cum licking my pussy and fingering me. Check out the trailer if you’re not already a member, and if you are, well, enjoy!

12.17.13 15:39 minutes

Bareback Anal Part 1

Another boy/girl scene for your viewing pleasure with my lover Philippe. We are fluid bonded so you get some no condom vaginal and anal penetration! Well not just some, loads! He’s a favorite of mine, and you can tell. Also lots of awesome photage of him eating my hairy ass hole. And this is only part 1

12.13.13 13:24 minutes

Anal Pleasures

I have recently discovered anal and love it! I also realized that I masturbate on all fours a lot and always pick stills of myself from behind, what can I say, I love booty! My own and others.

12.03.13 18:25 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Part 1

-Check out the preview- Ava and Felix are on a date, hiking in the redwoods. They find a tree to fool around behind, making out, grabbing eachothers ass’s, when they spot Maggie and Me on a date of our own. Ava and Felix get turned on watching me and Maggie kiss, fondle and lick eachothers assholes and play with themselves behind a tree. And this is only part 1!

11.22.13 15:37 minutes

Summer Shorts Part 2

Click play to watch the FREE TRAILER Part 2 of Summer Shorts with Shephard! He sits on the couch with me bent over, fingering me while stroking his dick, then I suck his dick before we fuck in all kinds of positions on the couch, on the floor, I cum while he’s fucking me from behind and he comes all over my face as I suck him dry.

11.19.13 18:40 minutes


A member requested a video of me doing chores. So I threw on some cute underwear and got to work doing dishes, scrubbing the floor, making the bed. And then I got too excited and started grinding my hairy pussy into the bed, before I knew it I was naked and spreading my wet pussy before before getting out a hitachi and making myself cum on all fours!

11.17.13 11:11 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 4

I almost forgot I still have part 4 of this awesome video. I shot this more than a year ago! I have another epic 4 girl shoot cumming up soon as well so stay tuned for that!

10.29.13 16:50 minutes

Summer Shorts

Me and Shepard go at it again, this time on the couch in some cute cut off denim shorts. Watch me get my hairy pussy pounded with a big dick!

10.26.13 13:25 minutes

White Sheets

I had my awesome intern, Honeybee Boudoir, shoot me on this sunny day. I got really hot and bothered rolling around in the sun, touching my hairy body and especially showing off my tight pink asshole and pussy.

09.18.13 14:53 minutes

Boy Girl Part 2 !

So you wanted to see me get fucked? Here it is, 15 full minutes of just that. I get my hairy pussy pounded from behind, on my side, missionary, me on top, till finally I cum and then Shephard cums all over my hairy asshole. You have to see it to believe it!

08.31.13 15:18 minutes

First Boy Girl!

The first boy/girl I ever made for this site! Shephard is a real life lover of mine and we had such a good time making this video. Enjoy!

08.19.13 11:55 minutes


The sunshine felt so good on my body I just had to masturbate. The sun looks amazing on my tanned skin and dark body hair. Enjoy.

07.01.13 12:25 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 3

Part 3 of this awesome boat orgy! Me and Luca ride a double ended dildo, then she fucks me with the super big end while eating my pussy and Samone plays with her pussy, plus much more!

06.20.13 10:54 minutes


Been looking for some hairy girl double penetration? Well look no further, I finger and rub my asshole before putting a black dildo in it and putting a larger dildo in my hairy pussy at the same time. I love the filled up sensation and cum very powerfully.

04.29.13 10:42 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 2

In Part 2 of my epic Lesbian Boat Orgy Ava breaks my audio with her squirt! Luckily the camera got back on it’s feet afterward but I we owe this naughty girl another spanking, and maybe Luca will make her squirt again!

03.09.13 9:32 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 3

The final part to my epic ass play, stocking, dildo masturbation fantasy video series! But don’t worry I’ll keep coming up with naughty ideas and putting them to life for you.

02.11.13 11:37 minutes

Boat Orgy

We’d been beggin Captain Samone to take us sailing for weeks. Finally she gave in but we had no idea how strict she would be! Of course we were goofing off and forgetting what she told us and boy did she make us pay. In part 1 I suck Samone’s strap on while Luka smacks Ava’s tits, then we all paddle Ava with a giant boat oar and Samone ties Ava up and Luka fingers her while I kiss her.

01.30.13 10:59 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 2

Part 2 of my new favorite video of myself!!


Hotel Fantasy Part 1

Bianca asked me what I wanted to do for this video and it ended up being a lot of spreading, ass play, on my knees, with dildos, fingers, stockings etc. Part 1 is only the beginning of this 3 masturbation-athon. Happy Holidays!

10.06.12 17:23 minutes

Cleo and Nikki Part 2


Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video me and Cleo made with Bianca shooting! We have a picnic and dare eachother to run around naked. We start making out but realize too many people are around and head back to my house to get really dirty.

December 20: Hairy Jazzercise

I love this sexy high cut one piece! Shows off my bush so well, and you know I love being active! Spreading my legs in many creative positions!

December 20: Hairy Jazzercise

I love this sexy high cut one piece! Shows off my bush so well, and you know I love being active! Spreading my legs in many creative positions!

December 16: Climate Change in Northern California

For those of you who follow me on twitter(or pay attention to American news) you are aware that much of California had severe fires this summer/fall. The area I moved to was heavily impacted and I had to evacuate for part of August. Due to this and lingering smoke in the air through out fall, […]

November 11: Give Input on Nikki Solo Photos and a new Girl/Girl Scene

Will be shooting some solo photosets of myself with Gisele in a few days, as well as a new scene of Jane and I! Please let me know what you’d like to see in both and I’ll do my best. (outfits, poses, activities, etc)

November 3: Meet NN’s New Hairy Female Videographer!

I am very pleased to introduce you to Gisele Freund. The latest in the history of videographers for NaughtyNatural(aside from myself of course)

Gisele and I met at an artist retreat in the wild hills of California and formed a bond over our love of women and body hair. She is an amazing videographer/photographer and I feel so lucky to have her shooting content for the site!

November 3: Hairy Sapphic Seduction

70’s throwback time! Nikki is the head of the feminist group on campus and is the only woman who showed up to ‘vaginal self exam’ day, newbie Cookie comes in and Nikki gets her legs spread, admiring their hairy pussy’s, soon Nikki is seducing the inexperienced Cookie and teaching her all about all natural, hairy women’s anatomy… Enjoy!

November 1: Cookie and Nikki!

2 of your favorite model’s together! Admire and compare our very different and equally lovely hairy, all natural bodies! Cookie is such a petite little thing and I loved worshipping her curves!

October 31: Q&A Section: Ask Away!

A member recently suggested that I add a Q&A section to NN or a way for members to ask me questions. (I was using a website to answer questions from social media but found the input I was getting was quite rude.) So, since I love you all the most! I will only be answering questions from my members, here.

October 27: Worship my Hairy Pussy

18+ minutes, Watch me undress and tease you with my hairy armpits and pussy before some jerk off instruction and masturbating together…

October 25: Pacific

Catch me against some perfect blue, sunny Pacific Ocean! Over 350 Photos of my Perfect Hairy Body and Pink Pussy to titilate and excite you!

11.06.16 - 7:16 minutes

Vote No Prop 60 – Pee Shots!

Naked video blog post and awesome PEE SHOTS! Enjoy! CA Voters – Vote NO on Proposition 60!