Nikki Silver

I am the creator/owner/visionary behind When I’m not here working on this site I love to go out on adventures. I spent many years travelling, domestically and abroad and love to explore new places. I’m a major nudist in my day to day life as well as adventures as you’ll see here ;)

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05.26.13 - 35 photos


I play in this beaded curtain all day long so I thought why not do a photoshoot in it! It feels so good, the cool beads sliding all over my body and into my cracks! enjoy

01.28.13 - 177 photos

Finally – Boat Orgy

It was hard to take photos with so much going on but here’s a cute sampling of what went on in the boat. Some cute posed shots of each girl and a bunch of hot action shots!

01.02.13 - 78 photos

SC Woods 2

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so this photos from the second camera! Lots of beautiful shots of all of us playing with each other in the redwoods.

12.06.12 - 156 photos

Hotel Fantasy

Me and Bianca went to a small little isolated town to make some fantasy porn! I dressed up in some turn of the century lingerie and showed off all my body hair for you! Lots of stocking fetish and hot, anal, 3 part video to come!

09.28.12 - 122 photos

Cleo and Nikki Picnic Part 2

These are the photos we took when we got back to my room where we could really get down and dirty. We lick eachothers hairy assholes and pussys and fuck eachother with fingers and dildos. Bianca captures all of it! Part 2 video to cum soon, watch me penetrate Cleo hard and make her cum all over!

09.11.12 - 118 photos

Cleo and Nikki have a Picnic

I dared Cleo to get naked with me in this park. She’s a little shy so I thought she’d be hesitant but she went for it! i have so much fun with this girl.

07.10.12 - 103 photos

Nikki’s new dress

Bianca shot this great set. I had just gotten this nice silky soft teal dress and matching earrings and she got me on the couch for a shot. There’s some really amazing shots from behind with my pussy spread nice and wide.

06.11.12 - 69 photos

Nikki does a hairy glam shoot with Usnea

Usnea wanted to shoot me and made all the decisions in this shoot. She had me up against the wall spreading my legs for her and on the ground spreading my pussy. She did a great job and got some really great shots.

06.08.12 - 78 photos

Nikki strips in the park

Just another day hanging out in a park with a cup of coffee. But this time I get a little naughty with lots of pantie and bush flashing in my cute dress, then we go back to the woods to get a little more naked..

05.26.12 - 73 photos

The troublesome bed frame

Nikki is having trouble putting her bed frame together. Usnea comes upstairs to check on her and convinces her there are better things to spend her time doing.


Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video me and Cleo made with Bianca shooting! We have a picnic and dare eachother to run around naked. We start making out but realize too many people are around and head back to my house to get really dirty.

08.21.12 13:23 minutes

Nikki and Ava in Cum and Glitter

Cum and Glitter is a really awesome live sex show I’ve been a part of. Here is me and Ava’s preformance from the very first show. I do all sorts of bad things to her and then make her squirt all over the stage, the audience and myself!

06.30.12 15:07 minutes

Nikki’s New Dress

This is the first video Bianca shot of me. A training video if you will. I got a new dress in my favorite color and painted my nails to match. She does a fabulous job and I’ll admit, it was hot spreading my pussy and getting wet for her.

06.01.12 16:14 minutes

The troublesome bedframe

I was having trouble putting my bedframe together so Usnea decides to help me out. Lucky for me, but Usnea’s a voyeur and really just wants me to relax and make my hairy pussy cum in my new room. Can’t say I minded.

November 1: Cookie and Nikki!

2 of your favorite model’s together! Admire and compare our very different and equally lovely hairy, all natural bodies! Cookie is such a petite little thing and I loved worshipping her curves!

November 1: Cookie and Nikki!

2 of your favorite model’s together! Admire and compare our very different and equally lovely hairy, all natural bodies! Cookie is such a petite little thing and I loved worshipping her curves!

October 31: Q&A Section: Ask Away!

A member recently suggested that I add a Q&A section to NN or a way for members to ask me questions. (I was using a website to answer questions from social media but found the input I was getting was quite rude.) So, since I love you all the most! I will only be answering questions from my members, here.

October 27: Worship my Hairy Pussy

18+ minutes, Watch me undress and tease you with my hairy armpits and pussy before some jerk off instruction and masturbating together…

October 25: Pacific

Catch me against some perfect blue, sunny Pacific Ocean! Over 350 Photos of my Perfect Hairy Body and Pink Pussy to titilate and excite you!

October 19: New Photos of Nikki Oct 25th!

New Photos of Nikki Oct 25th!

October 16: Quick Pussy Fucking Video!

Just got really horny while editing and waiting on a new computer to arrive (ie stressfull) so decided to put my hard working fucking machine to use. Enjoy! And check out my full fucking machine video here: CLICK HERE TO GET TO VIDEO

October 16: Need Input on Upcoming Lesbian Scenes

Hey there, So, despite ruining the surprise, I figured you’d like to have input on the next few hairy lesbian scenes I’m shooting. Should be a lot of fun. Please let me know what activities and shots you’d like to see, please be specific! Vestacia and Simone Freya and Caressa Caressa and Me! xo, Nikki

October 13: Nikki Loves Nature

… I am all about living in harmony with nature. I spend, basically all my free time, either enjoying nature or working on learning skills that will enable me to live more harmoniously with nature. I’m really into Permaculture (look it up) I obviously love gardening because one day I don’t want to buy any of my vegetables. I do eat meat and am working on getting over my squimishness around killing animals but in the meantime I buy meat from a local, organic, grass fed ranch, and eggs from my friends farm! …

October 9: What do you want me to write about?

Me and my cat are loving life here. And I even had a sexy friend come up for the weekend and lick and fuck my hairy pussy all over my new house! We went up to the river and I begged him to fuck me up there…

11.06.16 - 7:16 minutes

Vote No Prop 60 – Pee Shots!

Naked video blog post and awesome PEE SHOTS! Enjoy! CA Voters – Vote NO on Proposition 60!