Nikki Silver

I am the creator/owner/visionary behind When I’m not here working on this site I love to go out on adventures. I spent many years travelling, domestically and abroad and love to explore new places. I’m a major nudist in my day to day life as well as adventures as you’ll see here ;)

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Beach Party Part 2

Another set from the beach. This was one of the funnest days of my life! And the photos do a great job of showing the behind the scenes action as well as the posed photos. Me and Felix run around on a rock face and cuddle in the waves as well as lots of all 4 girls posing in the sunshine. We also frolick under a waterfall and show off our hairy parts as best we can without risking getting charged with indecent exposue! Enjoy! 4 hairy bush’s, 4 sets of boobs and 4 tasty butts!

02.03.14 - 32 photos

Bonus Update! Bush Photography

I got new lense and messed around with taking some extreme close ups of my body parts, bush, pussy, anus, breasts. There wasn’t an amazing amount of light but I think these are the first shots of my pubic area where you can really see how grown out and wild my hair is! I’m thinking of doing more of these artistic super close up shots of all my models from now on, what do you think? Of course, only available to my loyal members!

01.23.14 - 93 photos

Put it in my butt

My lovely intern, HoneyBee Boudior, shot this set of me! And all with natural light! Amazing.
There’s a lil bit of weirdness with the end of the photoset and numbering etc, I will get to fixing it at some point, but at least you have them all now! and can download them.

12.12.13 - 233 photos

Beach Party Part 1

Here’s just a fraction of the photos we have from this amazing day of hairy bliss. Watch us in super pretty sun lite photos, frolick and play in the waves and eachother. Awesome time. Check out the behind the scenes videos for additional Beach Party photage.

11.26.13 - 96 photos

Hairy Pussy Picnic

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so these are the photos from Camera 1! Me and Maggie get down and dirty in an old growth redwood forest! She keeps on her cute hiking boots as I pleasure her with a big glass toy! Loads of armpit and pussy licking, much more to come to his shoot, photo and video.

09.18.13 - 75 photos

Afternoon Light

Part 2 of my awesome photoset I did before my travels in my living room using the afternoon light. There are lots of great close up sun lit pussy shots of the ice going in and out. Oh, it felt so good!

08.02.13 - 62 photos

First Boy/Girl

Photos from my super sexy boy/girl shoot with my lover Shephard.


Porch Time

Just hangin’ out on my porch!

07.12.13 - 71 photos


In this set I pose on a log in the forest, in clothes and fully nude, with awesome views of the woods behind me.


Hot Day

06.15.13 - 46 photos

Bedroom Eyes

05.26.13 - 35 photos


I play in this beaded curtain all day long so I thought why not do a photoshoot in it! It feels so good, the cool beads sliding all over my body and into my cracks! enjoy

01.28.13 - 177 photos

Finally – Boat Orgy

It was hard to take photos with so much going on but here’s a cute sampling of what went on in the boat. Some cute posed shots of each girl and a bunch of hot action shots!

01.02.13 - 78 photos

SC Woods 2

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so this photos from the second camera! Lots of beautiful shots of all of us playing with each other in the redwoods.

12.06.12 - 156 photos

Hotel Fantasy

Me and Bianca went to a small little isolated town to make some fantasy porn! I dressed up in some turn of the century lingerie and showed off all my body hair for you! Lots of stocking fetish and hot, anal, 3 part video to come!

09.28.12 - 122 photos

Cleo and Nikki Picnic Part 2

These are the photos we took when we got back to my room where we could really get down and dirty. We lick eachothers hairy assholes and pussys and fuck eachother with fingers and dildos. Bianca captures all of it! Part 2 video to cum soon, watch me penetrate Cleo hard and make her cum all over!

09.11.12 - 118 photos

Cleo and Nikki have a Picnic

I dared Cleo to get naked with me in this park. She’s a little shy so I thought she’d be hesitant but she went for it! i have so much fun with this girl.

07.10.12 - 103 photos

Nikki’s new dress

Bianca shot this great set. I had just gotten this nice silky soft teal dress and matching earrings and she got me on the couch for a shot. There’s some really amazing shots from behind with my pussy spread nice and wide.

06.11.12 - 69 photos

Nikki does a hairy glam shoot with Usnea

Usnea wanted to shoot me and made all the decisions in this shoot. She had me up against the wall spreading my legs for her and on the ground spreading my pussy. She did a great job and got some really great shots.

06.08.12 - 78 photos

Nikki strips in the park

Just another day hanging out in a park with a cup of coffee. But this time I get a little naughty with lots of pantie and bush flashing in my cute dress, then we go back to the woods to get a little more naked..

05.26.12 - 73 photos

The troublesome bed frame

Nikki is having trouble putting her bed frame together. Usnea comes upstairs to check on her and convinces her there are better things to spend her time doing.

06.20.13 10:54 minutes


Been looking for some hairy girl double penetration? Well look no further, I finger and rub my asshole before putting a black dildo in it and putting a larger dildo in my hairy pussy at the same time. I love the filled up sensation and cum very powerfully.

04.29.13 10:42 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 2

In Part 2 of my epic Lesbian Boat Orgy Ava breaks my audio with her squirt! Luckily the camera got back on it’s feet afterward but I we owe this naughty girl another spanking, and maybe Luca will make her squirt again!

03.09.13 9:32 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 3

The final part to my epic ass play, stocking, dildo masturbation fantasy video series! But don’t worry I’ll keep coming up with naughty ideas and putting them to life for you.

02.11.13 11:37 minutes

Boat Orgy

We’d been beggin Captain Samone to take us sailing for weeks. Finally she gave in but we had no idea how strict she would be! Of course we were goofing off and forgetting what she told us and boy did she make us pay. In part 1 I suck Samone’s strap on while Luka smacks Ava’s tits, then we all paddle Ava with a giant boat oar and Samone ties Ava up and Luka fingers her while I kiss her.

01.30.13 10:59 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 2

Part 2 of my new favorite video of myself!!


Hotel Fantasy Part 1

Bianca asked me what I wanted to do for this video and it ended up being a lot of spreading, ass play, on my knees, with dildos, fingers, stockings etc. Part 1 is only the beginning of this 3 masturbation-athon. Happy Holidays!

10.06.12 17:23 minutes

Cleo and Nikki Part 2


Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video me and Cleo made with Bianca shooting! We have a picnic and dare eachother to run around naked. We start making out but realize too many people are around and head back to my house to get really dirty.

08.21.12 13:23 minutes

Nikki and Ava in Cum and Glitter

Cum and Glitter is a really awesome live sex show I’ve been a part of. Here is me and Ava’s preformance from the very first show. I do all sorts of bad things to her and then make her squirt all over the stage, the audience and myself!

06.30.12 15:07 minutes

Nikki’s New Dress

This is the first video Bianca shot of me. A training video if you will. I got a new dress in my favorite color and painted my nails to match. She does a fabulous job and I’ll admit, it was hot spreading my pussy and getting wet for her.

06.01.12 16:14 minutes

The troublesome bedframe

I was having trouble putting my bedframe together so Usnea decides to help me out. Lucky for me, but Usnea’s a voyeur and really just wants me to relax and make my hairy pussy cum in my new room. Can’t say I minded.

August 11: Bonus: Green Lover

Enjoy this bonus photoset of me getting naughty in the deep green baby redwoods.

August 11: Bonus: Green Lover

Enjoy this bonus photoset of me getting naughty in the deep green baby redwoods.

July 27: Golden Shower

Hope you enjoy this close up heavy water masturbation and pissing video! Sadly I lost some the photage so you are getting ALL CLOSE UP this time. Hope you don’t mind. xo

July 25: Golden Shower

Enjoy this photoset that’s a bit outside the norm! I get naughty in a few different changes of outfits in the bathroom, playing with my strap on and giving golden shower to the camera. xo

July 8: Nikki Pee Photos

New photoset of myself featuring strap on, stockings and pissing!

July 8: Hairy Pussy on my Face

You know when you are eating a beautiful woman’s hairy pussy and you get so lost in it you can’t recall how long as passed? After running my tongue in circles around her clit, alternating with ever so gently sucking on it, I slipped a wet finger inside her and pressed up on her g-spot…

June 15: Hairy Stockings

I got all dressed up for you, do you like my stockings, heels and lingerie! Get you a girl that can do both! Pristine, feminine lingerie and rough and tumble hiking gal. Enjoy! Lots of stocking fetish shots here, oh yes, and masturbating.

June 13: Unmentionables

Decked out head to toe in fancy lingerie, stockings and heels. My dark hair contrasts brilliantly against the white lingerie! Lots of stocking fetish content here.

May 12: Bonus: Nikki at the Ocean

Enjoy this bonus set of me, wishing the sun goodnight on the Pacific coast. There are some seals in the background, try to spot them!

May 1: Spring has Sprung!

I recently was laying in my hammock which is on the creek between my neighbors property and mine and the warm sun felt so good on my skin! I can’t help it, water and sun just make me so horny. I kept an eye out and look cautiously around my neighbors yard but I didn’t see anyone. So I decided to go ahead and give myself a lovely rolling orgasm right there on the hammock! ….