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01.26.19 - 179 photos

Curvy and Hairy

Olivia looks so cute in her tiny skirt and top! Her pillowy, all natural curves just bursts out of her outfit. Enjoy her sexy, voluptous, hairy body!

06.02.18 - 178 photos

Olivia and New Model; Caressa Silk

Olivis brought her new friend; Caressa Silk over! These two hairy brunette beauty’s look amazing with their different body types and thick, dark armpit and bush hair in onesie work out outfits! Lots of face buried in bush pussy licking shots!

02.24.18 - 135 photos

Hairy Curves

Olivia got all dressed up, complete with red nails, heels and lipstick, to show off her sexy hairy curves in some lingerie!

01.30.18 - 121 photos

Hairy Curves

Olivia looks amazing with her red lips and nails in the evergreen redwoods! This curvy, hairy goddess is truly at home amongst the tree’s!

12.01.16 - 47 photos

Hairy Girls in Nature

Prequel to the hot video of these 2 coming out Saturday! Enjoy Katie and Olivia naked in the woods!

09.13.16 - 113 photos

Snow White

Olivia’s pale and dark black hair contrast perfectly in this set by the river. She sensously strips naked before wading into the river to splash her bush and armpits with the cool water, finally spreading her pink pussy.

07.28.16 - 106 photos


Olivia’s sexy body looks so good in her tight leotard and booty shorts. She poses with the beautiful Oak trees, showing off her dark armpit and inner thigh hair.

06.04.16 - 147 photos

Goddess in White

Words can’t explain how happy I am with this set. Olivia’s beautiful skin, off set by her black hair, red lips and white dress, a true hairy glamazon Snow White.

01.26.16 - 99 photos

Hairy Leotard

Olivia looks so beautiful in her black leotard with her long dark hair streaming down around her shoulders and curly little pubes spilling out from the sides of her bikini line. This very hairy cannot hide her beautiful inner thigh and armpit hair. Don’t miss this hot photos of her showing off her best assets and eventually getting naked and spreading for the camera!

12.24.15 - 121 photos

Hairy Legs in Thigh Highs

Ask and ye shall recieve. Super hairy legged babe, Olivia Rose in sheer, thigh high, cuban heel stockings, with heels, garters and corset! This gorgeous babe shows off her amazingly hairy body, with lots of close up shots of her leg hair in the stockings and peaking out of her panties.

11.14.15 - 100 photos

Red Dress, Red Lips

Give a warm welcome back to Olivia Rose, formerly Lark on NaughtyNatural. She is stunning in her red lipstick and short dress, showing off her wonderfully furry legs in heels, dark treasure trail and very thick bush!

11.20.13 - 134 photos

Thong in the woods

Lark dances around a field ib her cute little white cotton thong. She uses the fabric to highlight her perky breasts before getting totally naked and showing her pretty pink pussy in a public park!


Rubbing it in…

Lark is in a very tiny, see through lacy dress, her deeply thick hairy inner thighs, butt crack and backs of legs peak out of this barely there piece of lingerie she decided to wear as a dress.

08.05.13 - 190 photos

New Model! Olivia Rose

Lark frolicks in a field of yellow grass and disrobes. We used a piece of sheer fabric for her to pose with and the results are beautiful. One of my favorite shoots, her pale skin, dark body and head hair against the blue sky and yellow grass are stunning.

01.29.19 11:16 minutes


Oliva shows off her sexy all natural body in the garden, flashing her juicy butt, her fluffy bush! Then she heads inside so she play with her pink, hairy pussy.

06.05.18 35:18 minutes

Hairy SweatFriends

Olivia brought her new friend; Caressa Silk over to do some excercises. The two, all natural girls get a little delirious in the hot room, working up a sweat and Caressa can’t help but notice Olivia’s intoxicating smell! She asks if she can smell her armpit and Olivia gets turned on at the sensation of Caress’a mouth so close to her armpit. Soon the two girls are naked, kissing, worshipping and licking each others sweaty hairy armpits and pussy’s. Nothin’ like working out with your hairy friends!

05.08.18 11:54 minutes


Olivia shows off her gorgeous, dark hair and beautiful curvy all natural body before sitting back and showing off her tight, pink, hairy pussy.

03.20.18 12:49 minutes

Hairy Onesie

Olivia looks amazing in this white onesie! She shows off all her hair before laying back and showing us her hairy pussy.

02.27.18 20:29 minutes

Curves for Days

Olivia looks amazing all done up! Watch this sexy girl show off her curves and hair to your delight!

12.03.16 39:29 minutes

Hairy Witch Seduces Bird Watcher

Olivia is a beautiful hairy witch who lives in the woods by herself, practicing earth magic. Katie, a city girl, stumbles upon her while looking for her bird watching group. The seductive Olivia convinces Katie to stay and relax, recieve some massage and energy work from her. Before Katie knows it Olivia’s got her clothes off and is worshipping Katie’s also, all natural body…

11.05.16 14:22 minutes


Olivia is having some alone time on vacation, her cabin is next to yours and you can’t help but peak in her windows a little. You didn’t expect to get caught! Luckily Olivia will let you make it up to her by licking her hairy pussy!

09.15.16 13:36 minutes

Snow Queen

Olivia looks amazing with her blood red lips and nails, pale skin and jet black hair. She frolicks by the river before undressing and climbing over rocks to splash river water on her hairy bush. The trickling water turns her on and she masturbates to orgasm amongst the flowing river.

07.30.16 11:34 minutes

Olivia loves Nature

Olivia really loves being in nature. There’s nowhere else that turns her on more to enjoy some time by herself or with a sexy friend, like Katie Zuchinni. In this video she gives a great body tour out in nature and masturbates.

06.07.16 12:09 minutes

Snow White

Olivia looks beautiful against this lush green background, her dark body hair on her pale skin and bright lips. She shows off naked and standing for a while before laying back to cum while looking up at the Oaks.

01.28.16 12:26 minutes

Hairy Passion

Olivia gets all turned on in bed, playing with her dark nipple hairs, before taking out a big dildo, sucking on it with her lucsious lips and finally pounding her pussy till she cums hard.

12.26.15 12:26 minutes

Hairy Pussy Stocking Stuffing

Olivia Rose is all dressed up in her lingerie, she shows off for you and then lays down on the bed to masturbate. Her thick hair leg hair shows up super well through her sheer thigh high stockings. She stuffs one of her stockings up her wet, tight, hairy pussy and cums all over it before licking it clean.


Hairy Heels

Olivia starts reading a book to you but she looks so good in her short red dress and high heels, especially with her very hairy calves. She begins stroking her hairy legs and is soon naked and masturbating.

02.01.14 13:05 minutes

Sunscreen on Her Hairy Legs

It’s a sunny day and Olivia needs to protect her supple, pale skin from the bright sun. She gets so turned on touching her own all-natural body that she has to strip and masturbate. I got so many beautiful close-ups of all the thick dark hairs that cover her gorgeous unshaven body.

11.13.13 12:11 minutes

White Cotton Thong

Olivia dances in a field with a piece of sheer fabric while stripping down to her white cotton thong, barely concealing her thick dark bush! While we were filming, a man stumbled upon us so we found a more secluded place for her pleasure herself. She lays back, spreads her bushy pussy wide, and finger fucks her tight hole until she cums. Lots of hairy close-ups, sensual stripping, and erotic pleasure moans.

08.12.13 11:53 minutes

Golden Fields


Having a lark

Lark tells us about her life, learning about plants, herbal medicine and being a hairy girl!