Ondine floats through life on a magical cloud. Her small frame gliding happily through. She is an old soul, very in tune with her body.

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02.10.13 - 102 photos

Lazy Summer Day

I asked Ondine to think of a sensual situation and she told me about her love of slow, southern porch hang outs. Rocking chairs and lemonade or wine and watching the sun set. So that’s what we were going for in this set, though we’re in California we decided to bring you a little southern realness. Enjoy this gorgeous hairy girl’s sensual strip tease.

08.17.12 - 139 photos

Ondine plays with some new toys

Ondine can’t help herself once she sees how many fun toys i have to play with. She strips on the bed with her pretty french manicured fingers and toes and then see’s how many big dildos she can fit in her tight hairy pussy.

08.31.12 15:37 minutes

Ondine toys on the bed

Ondine has picked out the dildos she wants to try and gets to it. Not before showing off her perfect ass and breasts and rolling around in my bed, lucky me!


Cleo and Ondine


Ondine in her panties

I photographed Ondine in my friends super cute backyard. Some friends were over and didn’t know we were doing a sexy photoshoot, oops!

08.07.12 - 6:34 minutes

Ondine checks out my dicks

What can I say, sometimes dick is really all a girl wants. Ondine got so giddy and cute checking out all my different dildos. What a surprise that such a sweet girl would get so nasty fucking her tight wet pussy with them later.