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07.18.15 - 114 photos


Rosey is gardening as the sun is setting. You can see it right through her slender legs through her sheer skirt. Her thick, blonde body hair looks amazing set against the sunlight.

07.07.15 - 119 photos


Rosey is so cute in her jean shorts and halter top, showing off her SUPER hairy armpits. She stretches and bend in the tree before settling into the hammock for some much needed self love. Watch this slender beauty spread her beautiful, natural pussy nice and wide for you.

03.31.15 - 86 photos

New Model! Rosey!

Welcome new model Rosey! This gorgeous girl is really unique, she’s covered head to toe in very light colored peach fuzz, from her face to her belly and her legs! Look closely at the photos and you’ll see it, it’s really quite amazing, and what a smile!

07.30.15 12:59 minutes

Veggie Time

Rosey is working in her garden as the warm, yellow, California sun sets on her exceptionally furry body. She is covered head to toe in light blonde, soft hairs. She decides her last moments of sunlight would be better spent orgasming than gardening and she selects a nice sized yellow squash to get the job done, licking and sucking it before rubbing it along her wet, hairy pussy…

04.02.15 11:19 minutes


Welcome new model Rosey. This gorgeous, blonde, California hippie girl has a really furry body. It’s blonde so you have to pay attention but she has soft light hair everywhere from her face to her arms, and of course much thicker, darker hair on her bush and armpits. Watch her frolick and pick some berries before getting naked and authentically orgasming.