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03.30.17 - 149 photos

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Redhead at the River

Do you like hairy redheads? What about one’s with big, juicey ass’s that love to bend over and show off their bright red pubic hair bursting from between their legs? Yeah, I like them too.

07.01.16 - 130 photos

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Redhead Passion

Roxanne looks amazing with her long red hair and dress saying in the breeze. This gorgeous, all natural red head loves showing her body, especially her thick ass and super bushy and juicey pussy! She spreads it in many different positions, inviting you to take a closer look…

05.07.16 - 109 photos

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Fiery Hairy Redhead

Fiery redhead Roxanne is back by popular demand! Her bush is SO RED, I didn’t do anything in these photos to make it brighter, that’s just what it looks like, and her pussy hair soooo long!

12.19.15 - 136 photos

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Fresh Laundry

Roxanne is putting away some laundry but her sheer robe keeps riding up revealing her large butt. She soon gets tired of her robe and decides to try on some of her clothes. Eventually she is naked and playing with her fiery red armpit hair and bush before spreading her pink pussy wide.

10.27.15 - 104 photos

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Ginger Bush

Welcome to redhead Roxanne’s bedroom! This hippie girl lives in a cute clay house in her friends backyard and boy does she love to play with her ginger armpit and bush hair and spread her pink pussy wide!

09.15.15 - 129 photos

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New Red Head Model!

Welcome new model and fiery red head; Roxanne Summers! Her bush is such a brilliant orange, and the dirty mind on this girl, whew!

03.30.17 13:29 minutes

Redhead at the River

Roxanne’s beautiful red hair looks amazing in her white dress down by the river. Her big fluffy bush shines in the sunlight. Watch NN’s favorite redhead get naughty by the river.

07.05.16 16:37 minutes

Roxannes’ Fantasy

Beautiful Roxanne looks like she came straight out of the 70’s with her long flowing hair. She starts off the video brushing it and telling you about Lilah, a girlfriend of hers she has a crush on. She walks you through what she’d like to do with Lilah while undressing and showing off her amazing red armpit and bush hair. Soon she pulls out a dildo and gets lost in the verbal fantasy of fucking Lilah with it and getting fucked by it! Lots of great views from behind and riding the dick!


Wilderness Woman

You stumble upon beautiful redhead Roxanne in the forest while she is chopping wood. You admire her stregnth and resourcefullness and also her deliciously furry, red underarms and round, full buttocks. You follow her back into her tent…

12.22.15 12:35 minutes

Dirty Girl, All Cleaned Up

Remember the video of Roxanne where she’s talking dirty and describing having sex at a party? Well, here she is all cleaned up, in a white lace slip, being a good girl doing the laundry. But she can only keep that up for so long before starting to play with her red hairy pussy, she’s just too horny.

10.29.15 17:20 minutes

Red Head Pussy

Roxanne is relaxing in her little hippie room, playing with her red armpit hair, she lays down and gets more relaxed, playing with her fluffy red bush, eventually using her vibrator and glass dildo!

09.17.15 19:37 minutes

Behind the Shed

What a mouth this girl has on her! She tells a story about getting fucked behind the shed she’s at while showing off her amazing juicey butt, bright red bush and wet pink pussy! She weaves in and out of her story, mixing in talking to you like you’re fucking her!