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08.20.19 - 168 photos

Mature in Lingerie

Sadie dressed up in stockings and heels just for you! Admire and worship this dominant, hairy woman!

02.28.19 - 143 photos

Sadie and Nikki!

Sadie came back to California to have some fun with me! Enjoy this tall and powerful, hairy goddess and I getting very, very close!

11.08.18 - 146 photos

Sadie Lune is Back!

Sadie Lune is back! This gorgeous hairy milf shows off her mature and delicious, hairy all natural body!

11.07.12 - 140 photos

Sadie by the water!

Sadie looks gorgeous set against the blue sky and water. She pays special attention to her beautiful feet and gives us lovely views of her hairy ass crack and pussy from behind. What a flexible girl!


Sadie on the tracks

Sadie has guts. She didn’t care that amtracks trains and all sorts of people were coming by during this super public shoot, she made herself come and showed off her hairy pussy anyway!

10.11.12 - 157 photos

Sadie climbs a tree

Sadie saw this tree and couldn’t help but climb around, of course her shirt fell up over her great breasts and soon she was getting naked and naughty below the tree

09.16.12 - 124 photos

New Model! Sadie loves the sun

Sadie loves this soft pink of the shoulder dress, still it comes off quickly so she let her natural hairy body bask in the brilliant sun. Lots more to come of this amazing lady!

08.22.19 18:06 minutes


Sadie looks amazing in this full set of lingerie with stockings and heels. She shows off her hairy pussy in all kinds of positions framed in her stockings before making herself cum.

05.28.19 14:12 minutes

Shower, Pee n Brush

Sadie brushes her thick head hair, so luxurious! Showing off her hairy armpits while doing it, then hops into the shower and pee’s through her lacey sheer panties. She disrobes and then soaps up all her body hair and rinses it all off. She turns around and spreads her pussy from behind letting the water run down into it…

03.02.19 42:21 minutes

Sadie Squirts!

My dear friend Sadie came back to Caliofornia and we had a whole lot of fun re-uniting. I love Sadie’s gentle yet dominant energy and really loved letting her take the lead! Watch Sadie and I admire each other’s hairy, all natural bodies, passionate, lot’s of tongue kissing, licking hairy armpits and pussy, lot’s of deep squeezing body contact, and Sadie’s amazing SQUIRTING topping it all off. Enjoy!

12.29.18 11:56 minutes

Sex Therapist Jerk Off Instruction

Behold the magnificient Sadie Lune, her seductive mouth, her hairy pits, her statuesque figure! Sadie plays your naughty therapist and teases you with her all natural body while instructing you on how to stroke your cock.

11.11.18 11:58 minutes

Hairy Yoga Mom

Hairy MILF Sadie loves stretching her gorgeous, all natural body. She gets turned on during her yoga routine and uses a vibrator to give us one of her famous, powerful orgasms!

10.12.13 8:33 minutes

On the Tracks

Sadie just did not stop orgasming the day we shot! And her last one here, timed perfectly with a train going by. She could not care less about the nosey onlookers as she was so absorbed in her own pleasure. This amazing lady knows exactly how to please her all-natural body. And lucky for you, she’s about to show you exactly how it’s done.


Sadie Enjoys a Powerful Orgasm

Sadie wanted to climb about in this tree and I thought it gave an excellent view of her hairy pits. Wouldn’t you agree? I love how playful and erotic Sadie is. She’ll never fail to put a smile on your face and a boner in your pants. After having her fun in the tree, she moves to the ground where she beings exploring all of the sensations that her hairy body has to offer. It’s such a glorious view, watching her stretch and feel around for what feels good. I love the way she arches her hips, pressing her bushy cunt hard against her fingers as she rubs herself to the perfect orgasm. This video is for you if you enjoy watching mature women fool around in nature. A beautiful screaming orgasm, lots of hairy close-ups, and amazing shots of her fluffy pussy in action.

11.03.12 14:15 minutes

Wet and Wild Fun with Sadie

I love myself a free-spirited woman, don’t you? They brighten up your day simply by being themselves. One minute they’re making you laugh, and the next they’re gazing passionately into your eyes while rubbing their hands all over their soft hairy body. My friend Sadie knows how to make anyone’s day. She has almost no inhibitions. She gets naked and spreads her hairy pussy and ass on this public beach and has a great time doing it! Her hairy bush gets all wet in the water and this video has lots of awesome close-ups of all her dripping wet body hair. Can you imagine stumbling upon this hairy beauty masturbating in public?! Watching her tongue flick against her pierced nipple as she furiously rubs herself to an explosive orgasm. This video is for you if you enjoy watching a playful all-natural woman exploring their body in the comfort of nature. Lots of detailed close-up shots of water dripping down her hairs, hairy pussy and huge labia worship, and head-snapping orgasms.


Sadie screams in the sun

Finally a video of this orgasm goddess! Sadie strips down and makes herself cum so hard you wouldn’t imagine we were only a short distance from picnickers and the like!


Star Wars

Nerd alert! Hot, hairy woman Sadie tells us about her love of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy as I shoot hot naked pics of her.


Splash Me

I love Sadie.