sage smith

Sage is an athletic girl with bouncy curls and an amazing smile. She is amazing laid back with lots of stories to tell.

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09.04.13 - 126 photos

Beach time

Found this photoset in my archiv! I’d been saving this super cute, sporty, tanned, curly headed girl for you! She has lots of other sets here too so be sure to check em’ out!

01.16.13 - 173 photos


Sage’s tan skin looks so amazing against the bright green grass and blue sky. Her lucious body hair looks even better, especially her bright pink pussy. What a colorfull shoot!


Sage in a meadow

Sage’s tan skin looks amazing set against this bright green grass. She twirls and undress’s showing off her amazing fit hairy body, and beautiful pink pussy!

08.19.12 - 121 photos

Sage on the tracks

Sage is brave. these trains came by like every 6-7 minutes but she wanted to take photos on the tracks so I said OK! She looks amazing in this sun set, set, her tanned skin and pink pussy lips look amazing in the natural light.

07.02.12 - 100 photos

Sage tree

Sage climbs up in this beautiful tree for an awesome shoot. Imagine walking along a path and seeing a hairy girls with her legs spread over the branches above you.

05.11.14 12:01 minutes

On the Tracks

Another long forgotten video of athletic, Canadian hairy girl Sage! Her tan skin looks amazing on this coast line and she makes her hairy pussy cum hard!

02.18.14 21:03 minutes

Oldie but a goody

Another video from the archive. Athetlic hottie Sage stops on a sunny grass hill, mid-hike to masturbate. Her bright pink labia look amazing in the brilliant sun. And over 20 minutes long!


Sage Masturbates in a Meadow

Sage was so excited to dance around this lush green hill. The sun felt so warm and welcoming as it kissed her soft tanned skin. She began stripping down to her toned all-natural body before making herself have an amazing orgasm in a wide-open field where anyone could see her. You can tell this hairy beauty is a free spirit by the way she moves and connects with the world. Grazing her curious hands all along her textured body. Exploring all of the different pleasures and sensations that the world has to offer her. Her moans are palpable. Sending a pleasurable chill down your spine with every one. This gorgeous woman is sure to leave you with a supercharged curiosity for bringing your pleasure to new heights!

07.15.12 17:09 minutes

Sage Climbs a Tree

In this fantasy-esque video, Sage strolls towards the camera in her white dress and tanned skin then climbs a tree before stripping and masturbating. I had a lot of fun shooting this, pretending she was some kind of curly-haired fairie and getting really beautiful shots of her and the tree. After finding a comfy spot to sit, she plucks a small branch from the tree and runs the leaves all over her gorgeous hairy body. Sage is such a sensual and playful being. I felt so grateful to be able to shoot in this scenic spot with her. Don’t you love the way her dark bush and meaty lips poke out from in between her legs as she stretches out on the tree? I got a ton of great close-ups showing off her dark all-natural bush, her outstanding pleasure faces, and those beautiful fuzzy armpits of hers. I loved watching the way her huge labia dangled as she stroked her big clit to an outstanding orgasm. As she caresses and explores her body in the final few minutes, you can tell she’s cum drunk and ready to head off for a nap in the hammock. I hope you enjoy this sensual and erotic clip of my hairy friend Sage. Don’t be shy, let me know what you think!


Sage on the Tracks

Sage and me run around some old train tracks and then all of a sudden a train comes by and surprises us! lots more insights into this beautiful curly haired gal


Sage meets the cows

Sage and me were hiking all around these hills and stumbled upon these cows. Sage is very cute and baby talks to them, then she has to take a pee while a plan flys over head.


Nikki interviews Sage

Nikki interviews Sage as she delves into stories from her recent trip to Hawaii including skinny dipping! Get to know Sage and hear all about what turns her on including an epic fantasy of being tied up by a gang of hairy girls.