11.22.22 - 302 photos

New Nikki Photos!

Ever dream about what it’d be like to come home and find me in your kitchen cooking dinner for us? I shot this during quarantine last year, so you’ll have to forgive the iphone quality shots!

10.04.22 - 143 photos

Wild in the Redwoods

Like the warrior goddess’s of yore, I shun the razor and society’s expectations of who I should be. I run wild, free and fierce through the wilderness, in search of those who worship the hairy pussy!

08.16.22 - 157 photos

Meet me at the bar…

Sometimes I wear real clothing! Can you imagine running into me in a bar? What if I walked right up to you and told you if you charmed me right, I’d let you worship and lick my hairy pussy and asshole right there on the bar?!

07.21.22 - 147 photos

Meet me in the garden

I shot this on my iphone back in March! Hope you like this voyeurs view into my garden, lots of shots of me pissing close up as well!

05.03.22 - 283 photos

Fox <3 Nikki

So excited to release this photoset with one of my favorite models and verrrrry good friend, Fox! We have such a great connection and natural chemistry. Enjoy us enjoying each other… Video cumming Thursday!

03.24.22 - 251 photos

Spring is Almost Here!

Are you as excited as I am about spring fast approaching me? Join me in my yard with the beautiful apple blossoms, as I get very in touch with nature, as I am very much a part of it!

12.23.21 - 204 photos

Curvy and Delicious

My body is aging like fine wine, filling in all the best places. My breasts and butt are bigger and juicier than ever! Do you fantasize about me?

08.26.21 - 175 photos

Meadow Goddess

Your hairy nature goddess is here to steal your heart and your dick! Enjoy and appreciate my curvy, all natural body.

07.29.21 - 52 photos

BONUS: Nikki’s 35th Birthday!

Photos from my annual birthday river camping trip! I turned 35 this year! Check out my blog post for some naughty stories from the trip!

05.01.21 - 329 photos

Pearl and Nikki!

Over 300 High Res photos of myself and my latest Hairy Princess; Pearl Sage! We lap and lick at each other’s amazing all natural bodies and bury our faces in each other’s hairy bushes.

04.22.21 - 221 photos

Green and Gold

Photoset I did recently in my home during quarantine! I love this lingerie and my new curves!

03.28.21 - 98 photos

Bonus Set – Full Nude Nikki

03.15.21 - 144 photos

Join me in bed?

Are you ready to really be a naughty boy? Don’t worry, Miss Silver will take very, very good care of you…

02.25.21 - 115 photos

Your Hairy Boss

If I was your boss would you get on your knees and worship my hairy asshole? What about my divine hairy legs, my hairy nipples and hairy bush?

01.14.21 - 144 photos

Bonus! Join me in bed…

If getting extra naughty is your cup of tea you’ll love this bonus photoset! Can you imagine rolling around with me in bed with all of these toys?

12.24.20 - 148 photos


Quarantine has got me all riled up! Feeling so sexy with myself. Enjoy this classy photoset of me in full stockings, garters, heels… And let me know what you think of the quality of the photos! Did this with my iphone!

11.22.20 - 123 photos

Bonus Photoset of Nikki!

I’m so happy with this photoset I did for my onlyfans, I just had to post it here for you! Getting really into self shooting, what do you think? The resolution is just getting better and better with these phones!

11.03.20 - 159 photos

Rion and Nikki

Found this super hot photoset buried in my hard drive, what a nice surprise! Rion is a super buff hairy babe and helps me work out, in addition to licking my hairy armpits and pussy.

10.14.20 - 101 photos

Bonus! Nikki in White

Hello loves, due to pandemic times I’ve been experimenting with taking photosets of myself with my phone. If you haven’t been checking the blogs sections of the site please do so as there is a treasure trove of iphone 4K photo and video content of me! Please bare with me as I explore this new medium and enjoy this bonus photoset!

09.22.20 - 234 photos

Your Hairy Secretary

New photos of me! I dressed up like a sexy, secretary, complete with vintage handmade sweater and pencil skirt. I’m not your typical demure secretary though, I’m the secretary whose going to blackmail you to dominate you until I become YOUR boss.

08.22.20 - 75 photos


New photoset of me in some lovely green lingerie in a vineyard on the it’s way to winter rest.

06.09.20 - 98 photos

Worship me

Are you ready to worship at the cult of the hairy pussy? Kneel, my child.

05.02.20 - 163 photos

Jane and Nikki

I decided to give Jane a relaxing massage for her birthday! I promise it was meant to be a gift but I just love touching her soft skin and her even softer body hair too much! Enjoy this friendly massage dirty naughty mutual oral experience!


Nikki’s Corwin Prescot shoot


Spring has Sprung!

Let’s welcome in this bizarre early spring together with some fun outdoor pics! In one of my favorite places, an oak woodland!

02.13.20 - 139 photos

Primadonna Girl

A dress and heels, who is this? It is me! Your hairy primadonna girl.

01.16.20 - 130 photos

100% Naked

You come over to find me naked on my deck, drinking my favorite Sauv Blanc. Next I get you to jump in the pond with me before licking my hairy pussy! Photos by Jason Albus.

12.19.19 - 214 photos

Vintage and Hairy

Me in vintage lingerie and stockings showing off my bush and hairy armpits!

11.10.19 - 45 photos

Bonus! Nikki Hammock

Bonus photoset of me having fun in a hammock. Join me?

08.11.19 - 93 photos

Bonus: Green Lover

Enjoy this bonus photoset of me getting naughty in the deep green baby redwoods.

01.17.23 13:48 minutes

Nikki + Freya

I bury my face in Freya’s hairy pussy before sitting on her face and having her lick me till I cum!

11.24.22 16:46 minutes

Service me in the Kitchen

Just a fun little roleplay. We’re cooking dinner for some friends coming over in a little bit but I can see how horny you are. Your cock sticking straight up in your pants. I know you’re dying to lick my hairy pussy…

11.01.22 30:57 minutes

Nikki + Trans Girl; Carta Monir!

I stumbled across Carta one day on social media and just thought she was soooooo pretty! I loved her long dark hair and of course noticed her hairy pits. To my delight she also poses a beautiful, THICK cock! I invited her over for some fun and here are the results! Enjoy us kissing and licking each others hairy pits, before she licks my pussy so well, bringing me to orgasm, then I suck her beautiful cock. I can’t help but want to feel that girthiness inside of my wet, hairy pussy so I climb on top of her and ride her before taking her cock from behind and finally on my back. It felt soooo good being filled up by her!

10.01.22 25:44 minutes

Hairy Sorority Hazing

Olive and I have a new group of hazee’s for our Hairy Sorority! We have to inspect their hairy armpits and bushes, looking, touching and tasting them, as well as test their hairy pussy eating skills to decide who will make the cut!

08.02.22 22:22 minutes

Epic Hairy Pussy Licking Orgy!

You’ve been waiting to see me and 4 of my closest hairy friends get our mouths on each others amazing hairy pussy’s and here it is! In every combo and position imaginable(almost) we worship and lick each other’s hairy pussy’s and bushes. That room smelled so amazing with our pussy juice all over each others mouths, sloppy, wet, hairy pussy’s everywhere!

07.23.22 11:50 minutes

Golden Sun + Pee

I walk you through worshipping my hairy armpits in my garden, it gets so turned on my pussy starts dripping and I just have to have you lick my pussy. Before you know it I’m gushing and pissing and filling your mouth!

06.02.22 16:22 minutes

Endless Hairy Curves

Don’t you just love these curvy, voluptous and hairy bodies in red lingerie? Delilah, Brooke and I had such a good time kissing and licking each other’s armpits and licking each others’ hairy pussys!

05.05.22 54:54 minutes


I am so pleased to release this amazing video featuring my real life lover, Fox! She is so sexy, sensual and knows how to touch, lick and fuck me just right! That’s right, finally I get dicked down with her strap and it feels soooooo good!

04.02.22 18:18 minutes

Hairy Nude Yoga

I gathered together some of my favorite models for a nude yoga retreat out at a cabin in the woods. Watch us stretch and move our bodies in all kinds of exposing positions, breasts hanging, legs wide open, arms to the sky. Pearl suggests some good poses and then a final relaxing pose that really helps us all release a lot of tension…

03.26.22 15:45 minutes

I missed you so much, baby

I’m your hairy girlfriend and you’ve been out of town for quite some time. I missed you so much baby, I missed your mouth on my hairy armpits and pussy, making me feel so good, and I have a special surprise for you as well…

03.15.22 15:30 minutes

Dying to get my mouth on her

Minerva and I kiss and caress in before licking each other’s hairy pussy’s. Damn, she tastes so good and I love how thick her bush is, how it caress’s my face as I bury my tongue between her labia and slide around her big clit.


Rock Hard for Hairy Bush

I bet your cock gets rock hard when you see a bush like Kisa’s huh? Are you jealous I get to worship her amazing hairy bush? Lucky for you, you get to stroke your cock while I run my tongue all over hairy pussy, mmmmm tastes so good!

02.02.22 15:22 minutes

5 Model Hairy Bush Comparison!

What could be better than 5 fluffy, thick, furry hairy bushes all in one room? Admire our amazing bush’s and we fondle, play and compare our thickness, length, color, texture and more! Both standing up and laying back with legs open, we spread and play with each others hairy pussy’s.

01.17.22 13:48 minutes

Hairy Pussy Feast

I was so turned on by shooting Freya all day that I proposed we just get down to it and each other’s hairy pussy’s. She was tired so she laid back and let me pleasure her and then ride her face till I orgasmed!

12.25.21 14:45 minutes

4K! Lick my Hairy Pussy

I tease you with my gorgeous all natural breasts adorned in cute little hairs around my nipples, make you eat my hairy asshole and finally lick my hairy pussy to completion.

12.03.21 26:15 minutes

Hairy Casting Couch 9! with Olive Wren!

Olive comes into my studio for her casting couch audition. So shy at first she soon opens up and lets me lick her delicious hairy body head to toe!

10.05.21 15:34 minutes

4K! Hairy Masseuse

I’ve started to offer free massages for hairy babes. Brooke is my first client and I have a very special massage in store for her. I take off my dress, revealing no underwear. I start with her on her stomach and straddle her ass, her plump ass feels so good tickling my clit. I make sure to get her nice and relaxed before flipping her over for a hairy armpit lymph node draining massage, followed by a tongue massage on her hairy cunt.

08.28.21 16:50 minutes

4K! JOI in the Meadow

I know you love watching me get naked and enjoy myself in nature. Let me guide you in your masturbation while enjoying the great outdoors.

08.06.21 20:54 minutes

4K! My Threesome with a Couple!

OMG! Finally a boy/girl scene of me! I had a lot of fun with Delilah and her boyfriend Maji! We did a cute role play in my yard of Delilah inviting me to their romantic picnic, lucky for me they BOTH appreicate hairy armpits and bush and we licked each other’s hairy pussy’s and fucked in all kinds of positions! Enjoy

06.15.21 14:05 minutes

4K! Licking Hairy Pussy at the River

I went up to the river with Minerva and just couldn’t keep my hands off her hirsute body. We play with each others furry pits and bushes and pussy’s before I eat her out. Yum!

05.04.21 46:09 minutes

4K! Hairy Spring

Pearl is picking some apples in my yard but I can’t keep my hands off of this bushy babe. Soon we are kissing and licking each other’s hairy armpits and nipples all over before retiring to the house to dive into each others hairy pussy’s.

04.24.21 19:03 minutes

4K! Worship Me

I model my beautiful lingerie for you, teasing you with my hairy armpits, my full breasts, my plump ass and thick hairy bush before sitting back in my new chair to play with my pussy.

04.06.21 19:53 minutes

4K! Hairy Casting Couch 8

The 8th installment of our highly popular series ‘Hairy Casting Couch’ – this is the 8th one! Enjoy Esme Elliot getting the royal treatment, a taste of my hairy pussy and my hands and tongue all over her yummy all natural body.

02.27.21 17:48 minutes

4K! Pussy Licking Instruction and Hand job from your boss

You’ve been fantasizing about your powerful female boss, Nikki Silver. Staring at her hairy legs in her nylons, her cleavage in her huge all natural breasts… she knows you’ve been starting at her, so she decides to take advantage of her your desire and take her pleasure from you… if you’re a good boy, you might just get to cum as well…

02.02.21 20:48 minutes

4K! Lesbian Stocking Play

Minerva and I put on some thigh high stockings, and lay back in the bed to rub are hairy legs together through our stockings, it feels so good! We rub and play with each others stockings, and rub our hairy stocking feet on each others hairy pussys. We eventually take off the stockings and suck and lick each others hairy toes!

12.26.20 27:56 minutes

4K! Fuck My Hairy Pussy For Me

I tease you in my classy, all black and lace lingerie, thigh high stockins, garters and heels. I show off my juicy butt and amazing all natural breasts. Have you worship every little hair on my body before pulling out your dick and using it for my pleasure.

12.08.20 10:59 minutes

4K! 3-way Lesbian Orgy!

While Kisa and Pearl were at my house shooting, we just couldn’t help but keep our hands off each other! Enjoy this little 3way hairy lesbian pussy eating romp!

11.05.20 45:50 minutes

My Hairy Personal Trainer

I found a new personal trainer and she just so happens to be a gorgeous, fit, hairy lesbian! I had so much fun shooting this and Rion and I’s chemistry is fire! Enjoy this long hair, hairy, lesbian, pussy, armpit and asshole licking feature with LOTS of kissing!

09.25.20 28:41 minutes

4K! Service my Hairy Pussy

I might be dressed like a ‘secretary’ but I am all hairy queen. How will you service my beautiful hairy pussy?

08.06.20 22:44 minutes

4K – Hairy Casting Couch 7 ! with Coral Summers!

Please welcome your busty ray of sunshine, Coral Summers! I interview her on the casting couch but I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on those beautiful breasts and my mouth in those beautiful hairy pits and pussy! She gives us a full body tour– showing off her luscious hairy pits, honey-colored bush, and amazing pussy eating skills.

06.13.20 11:26 minutes

The Lesbian Gaze

Put on your headphones for this one friends! I chat with Fox while she touches herself. The first hairy, lesbian ASMR video! With a surprise ending… I just couldn’t help myself. Filmed by a special friend.

06.11.20 23:18 minutes

4K! Delicious

Your boss(me) notices you staring at her hairy legs even though she’s wearing nylon stockings. You can’t keep your eyes off them and she knows exactly how to manipulate your desire by turning you into her hairy pussy licking slave!

06.07.20 4:17 minutes

8 Girl Pee Compilation

Eight separate shots of hairy women peeing! Some shot close-up and others further away. We pee in buckets, in a birdbath (don’t worry, we cleaned it out after LOL!), in the desert, by a stream, you name it! Watch us release our sweet golden nectar then admire the way it beads at the tip of our pubes. Ending with an epic pee by me! 

05.05.20 46:29 minutes

Friendly Massage

I invite Jane over for a relaxing birthday massage. I just can’t help but get turned on by touching her soft skin and luxurious body hair. Straddling her, I glide my hands across her buttery smooth skin working my way from her hairy pits to her round ass. We end up kissing and licking each other all over!

03.21.20 19:15 minutes

Welcoming Spring

Just enjoying the great outdoors, the springy green grass, the sun on my body. Being outside makes me feel so sexy and sensual. I can’t help but noodle around and tease you with my hairy curves. Feeling myself all over and exploring all of my hot and hairy crevices. Enjoy.

02.15.20 16:19 minutes

Hairy Role Play

Your hairy girlfriend is all dressed up for the winter party but she has something else in mind for you… I know how much you love worshiping my bushy pussy and succulent all-natural breasts. I have you work your way up my entire hairy body. From my fuzzy legs to my beautiful natural pits. They smell so good, don’t they? It’s okay if we’re late for the party. I’m sure they’ll understand.

December 22: New Surprise Lesbian Video of Nikki! Jan 17th

December 22: New Surprise Lesbian Video of Nikki! Jan 17th

December 6: New Video Hairy MILF Azaela ~ Dec 17th

October 17: Nikki + Hairy Trans Woman; Carta Monir

September 9: New 4K Video of Gem!

New 4K Solo Video of Hairy Stunner, Gem Cut: October 15th!

June 21: Join me at the cabin…

I want you to go into your mind and imagine what it would be like to be my long distance lover, meeting me at a secluded cabin in the woods for a romantic weekend. I wear my favorite dress and give you a tour of the outside of the cabin as you follow behind me, come on! Want to see pics of me taking this outfit off? Go here: https://naughtynatural.com/photos/spring-is-almost-here/

June 1: New 4K Video of Kisa Fae ~ June 14th!

May 24: New Photoset + Video of Olive Wren! End of May!

April 21: Mistress Fox <3 Nikki ~ May 3rd!

April 12: Hairy Glamazons