Calm, cool and collected, this girl knows what she wants and how to get it. Her amazing confidence and body will leave you breathless.

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10.10.13 - 103 photos

Wild Lingerie

Cutie Sonya is back in a classy 1 piece lingerie posing outside in front of some pretty and perilous vines. She quickly undresses and shows off her amazing slender yet curvy body.

11.10.12 - 166 photos

Sonya and the grapevine

Sonya’s back! She came to visit the bay so I set her up under this grape vine for some naughty fun. This gorgeous girl never gets old.

06.11.12 - 93 photos

Sonya undresses on the table

Sonya is wearing a cute dress and some gold strappy sandals. She takes them off with lots of good feet close ups and get’s naked for me on the table.

06.02.12 - 100 photos

Legs for days

Sonya’s legs are long and amazing. Her stockings frame her perfect ass and it’s so much to watch her play with her panties in this masturbation video.


Lazy Afternoon

Sonya got some new lingerie she wanted to show off. Leaning back in this rocking chair she lets her mind drift to a new lover she tells us about in behind the scenes.


Sonya in the sun

Sonya returns for some relaxation in this sunny spot in the garden. Get the voyeurs’ eye view and watch this beauty disrobe and spread her hairy pussy and ass.

07.07.12 13:08 minutes

Sonya at the table

Sonya is wearing a pretty silk dress and gold sandals. She undresses slowly while drinking a glass of water and then gets on the table to show off her amazing ass and hairy pussy. She cums, rocking the table back and forth.

06.01.12 13:44 minutes

Spreading those amazing legs

Sonya has legs for days! She likes to show them off by wearing short skirts and high socks so you can just see that line of supple skin between her socks and skirt.

03.17.13 - 4:53 minutes

Garden Talk

Sonya tells us about a new crush and updates us on her life.


Sonya’s Garden

Some cute out takes from our shoot and the beginning of catching up with Sonya. She’s got some great updates including a new hot romance and making music!


Sonya at the table

Sonya is so at ease in her body. In this behind the scenes you get to see that it isn’t nearly a preformance that this amazing girl so confident and smooth, she is really just like that. And lucky me, I get to watch her strip out of her clothes and spread her hairy pussy.