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05.27.13 - 212 photos


Miel told me she had a super hairy friend she wanted to do a girl girl scene with so she brought Susan. Wow! I think she might even be hairier than me, perhaps we’ll have to have a hairy wrestling match to see whose got the most! They are super cute together, giggling and having fun.

08.17.13 17:10 minutes

Roomates Part 2

Part 2 of this steamy and soft girl/girl video. Roomates Miel and Susan continue to have hairy pussy licking fun in their bedroom.

07.15.13 17:01 minutes


Miel and Susan are roomates who like to play together. They start off giggly and nervous but once they get into making out and licking and fingering eachothers hairy pussy’s the silliness goes away.