Sylvie is a tall, strong woman with long flowing hair. Her fierceness is beautiful.

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06.11.13 - 293 photos


I just couldn’t stop taking photos of these two hotties, 293 here of wet sloopy girl kissing, outside undressing, pussy licking and fingering! One of my fav girl/girl shoots ever. These girls are real, raunchy and hilarious!

05.29.13 - 85 photos


Sylvie is back. This fierce amazonian woman bears all in this romantic woodsy set.

09.02.12 - 99 photos

New Model! Sylva in the sun

New to the internet model: Sylvie strips down in this sun drenched set. She is a beautiful, confident hairy woman and it shows! Much more to come.


Fairy Circles

Looking like she walked straight out of the 70’s and into this ‘fairy circle’ of redwoods to masturbate, Sylvie looks beautiful in the dappled light, you can even see crisp bay leaf shadows on her supple skin.

01.21.13 13:24 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome girl/girl video Felix fingers and lick Sylvie’s hairy pussy till she cums. The hammock is so usefull!!

11.15.12 20:33 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing

I just knew we had to use this hammock when I saw it but I never imagined it would work out so well as a sex swing! Sylvie lays little Felix down on it and rocks her tight pussy back and forth on her fingers and against her tongue, to the sounds of Felix’s moans.


Sylvie in the Sunny Grass

Sylvie is taking a walk on a very hot sunny day and just needs a break, so she strips down to her skivvies and lays down on the trail. Soon she is playing with her hairy pussy. It looks great in the natural sunlight.


Sylvie and Felix: Hammock Sex

Sylvie and Felix are so cute together. They look like they stepped out another era with their flowing hair, their passion for lesbian love and glorious body hair. Watch his adorable behind the scenes and look forward to photage of them licking hairy pussy and fucking eachother soon!