Giggly and fun, Tanya is one of those girls that doesn’t realize how beautiful she is.

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06.11.12 - 129 photos

Tanya takes it off

Tanya needs a bit of warming up and what better way than a nice orgasm. This photoset is the precursor to the video where she does just that.

06.02.12 - 173 photos

Tanya and Penelope explore each others bodies

Tanya and Penelope are two gorgeous girls and even more gorgeous together, they kiss each other and get undressed and explore each others hairy bodies.


Tanya and Penelope Part 2

06.14.12 10:56 minutes

Tanya in a chair

Tanya is drinking a cup of tea trying to warm herself. But there’s really only one good way to warm yourself up. Masturbating of course!

06.01.12 16:33 minutes

A lesson in strap on play

Penelope is curious about strap ons and Tanya tells her about her experiences using them. Unable to resist the temptation of having a dick, Penelope and Tanya start hooking up. Part 1 of this 2 part video; Tanya uses a dildo on Penelope. In Part 2 Penelope fucks Tanya with a strap on.


Tanya and Penelope naked tea time

Tanya and Penelope get ready for a shoot together and warm up with some hot tea and sexy talk. The girls reminisce about how the became friends and what sexy things they noticed about each other in art class including their hairy armpits peeking out of their t-shirts! Find out what gets these girls hot and horny as they share their intimate secrets.

06.15.12 - 3:19 minutes

Tanya needs warming up

Penelope shot this behind the scenes of Tanya. Tanya was having some circulation problems so I try to warm her up with a robe. Regardless she is gorgeous and is so stunning, just sitting there smiling and showing off her amazing hairy body.