Usnea Lichen

Usnea is a sexy girl who likes to show off her body on the dance floor and for my camera. I’m lucky to know her.

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06.14.12 - 40 photos

Usnea’s Fern Fantasy

Usnea looks amazing set against this backdrop of lush green ferns. She truely looks like a forest nymph, in all her natural beauty.

06.06.12 - 55 photos

Usnea gets horny riding her bike

Usnea comes home from riding her bike. Her hairy pussy rubbing on the bicycle seat got her all wet and turned on so she strips out of her work out clothes and puts on something a little more comfortable.

05.26.12 - 197 photos

Sunbathing and boys

Usnea and Zooey went to a park and found a nice secluded picnic bench to sunbath and read on. They got distracted talking about boys and what turns them on and end up admiring eachothers hair, making out and spreading their hairy pussy’s for one another.

12.07.12 13:00 minutes

Strap it on Part 3

In Part 3 of this hot scene Usnea tells Zooey she wants her pussy pounded hard and she has just the toy to do it. Zooey straps on a big cock and goes to town on Usnea’s tight pussy. You can see her pussy gripping around the cock, pulling in and out…


Usnea and Zooey Sunbath Part 2

Some time has gone by and Usnea and Zooey have both evolved in their sexualities. What started as straight girl kissing and groping in the park has become full on lesbian hairy pussy licking and finger fucking.

07.15.12 13:54 minutes

Zooey and Usnea Sunbath

Me, Usnea and Zooey went to a park and were going to just do a few photos but the girls started chatting and were just so cute I had to video tape. Things get a little sexy, with boob sucking and hairy pussy flashing but still a little too public to go all the way. Look for part 2 of this hot duo up soon.

07.15.12 20:20 minutes

Usnea bike

Usnea loves riding her bike. Getting sweaty with the bike seat between her legs. In this video she comes home from a ride and changes into something a little more comfortable.

07.05.12 26:05 minutes

Usnea’s pink panties

I shot this video Usnea a long time ago. She was wearing this cute pink dress and panties and we could resist making a video. She’s my old room which is very tiny but she makes it work. She teases for a long, long time in her pink panties and eventually cums on my bed really hard. Lots of good behind shots.

06.14.12 8:07 minutes

Usnea’s fern fantasy

Usnea wanted to go out to nature to shoot. She didn’t even want to start out with any clothes on. She explores the log and then sits down to masturbate. She gets so hot in this video, breathing fast and hard as she’s cumming. Gorgeous as always.

06.02.12 - 3:45 minutes

Usnea’s hairy glam shoot with Nikki

Usnea channels her inner fashion photographer and takes full advantage of this opportunity to give me directions. i do my best and we end with some awesome hairy glam photos! Bianca films behind the scenes.