Big Booty


  1. Cookie, you are stunning! This photo series outdoes all the other wonderful series on this side. I can’t get enough looking your beautiful body, your hips, your thighs, your back, your curves, your eyes, and and and … – you are breathtaking, Cookie! The colour of the bra and slip suites you very well. The outstanding photographies – I guess, made by Nikki – let me feel your body and nature. Hope, there will follow also a video from this.

  2. Only my favorite models ( Cookie, Kisa, Freya) are being uploaded recently, wich is amazing! I just wish Zse Zse (Carver) and Eleanor could come back!
    I also like Pearl Sage, she’s got a great bush! And the upcoming 4k is more than welcome 🙂
    Greetings from France 🙂

  3. blt4cbnlnxn says:

    Another amazing model. Want to see more of her!

  4. I notice, when I look at all of my sets of Cookie, that she once had the biggest, hairiest, most gorgeous hairy pussy I had ever seen with thick, gorgeous dream pussy lips, but now, it looks shorter & thinner. Is she trimming it? At WeAreHairy or ATKHairy, I tell girls, please, please, please don’t trim your pussy hair, I love it thick & long, really long & gorgeous! She might have some nutritional deficiency; there was a model on ATKHairy, who had an enormous hairy bush straight from the god’s of heaven, then she got pregnant & maybe became a vegan & her bush got very, very thin. Protein in the correct amount creates good health & also grows excellent hair & makes your finger nails grow really, really fast! I have to say here also, Nikki, that I have fallen in love with Vintage Porn and my new favorite actresses on the face of the earth are Kay Parker, Honey Wilder & Janey Robbins; I love mature women, & as you know-love, love, love, long, thick hairy pussies on women! Vintage movies are heaven, even though the way men lick pussy is without a doubt the worst on the face of the earth, at least I see women with hairy pussies & assholes, and, men with normal penises; something I can’t stand about modern porn are shaved pussies & men on steroids with horse penises, it makes my dick go limp & I shut the crap off.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi there,

      You know there are many reasons why someone’s body hair changes over time, a big one – ageing and weight gain or loss. Of course could also be someones nutritional levels but my models NEVER TRIM. I honestly am offended when people ask that, I reject shooting models all the time because they have trimmed, I go out of my way to never shoot anyone who has trimmed their bush or armpits so I really don’t like getting that question. Someone even had the audacity to ask ME if I’ve trimmed, of course the answer is no! I gained weight and got curvier, so think about it, if you are bigger and your skin is stretching to cover more fat, then your hair spreads out, if you are thinner your skin is less stretched and the hair looks denser. Go look at thinner models compared to thicker and you will see this is true.

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