Bonus! Nikki in a thong!


  1. shackwise2 says:

    fab stuff nikki!!

  2. hadynmatthews says:

    Fantastic! Would love to see a shoot of you (and your friends) in bikinis on a public beach!

    Imagine the the “strange looks” the Beach Party crew would get – proudly displaying your beautiful, natural unshaved bodies for the general public to see. Hairy legs, armpits, and if you’re brave enough – a tiny thong bikini, so small that your bush is peeking out over the top! Yes, indeed – I’d imagine your girls would draw quite a bit of attention!

    • Hey there,

      Yes that would be fun. There unfortunantly is the problem of not being able to post photo/video with other people in it who did not consent/sign releases etc I’m going to do some research on this actually because I’m not sure what the laws are. It could be OK, especially if we don’t show any naughty bits, well except body hair 😉

      Maybe I’ll try to plan something like this for my big summer shoot. 🙂

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