Nikki’s Corwin Prescot shoot


  1. shackwise12 says:

    great to see you Nikki, keep away from the dreaded virus.

  2. omdjaqtm says:


  3. AceSC_93 says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous Nikki. Thanks for sharing.

  4. piratequeen says:

    This is my favorite of all of your pictorials! Your soft fur amidst the soft ferns and mosses. So perfect.

  5. temp123456 says:

    Lady ferns ?
    What a fantastic shoot idea
    Thanks for sharing

  6. You seem so in your element here. Not only is the greenery very complimentary to your nakedness, but there is a certain ease about you as if you are exactly where you were created to be. I think this may be my favorite set of you. Any one of these should be printed on glass to be mounted on a wall for display. They would certainly bring a certain warmth and peace to any room.

  7. Nikki Silver says:

    Thank you so much! I had a great time shooting with Corwin, he’s lovely. It was nice to do a shoot that just focused on me being naked and not so much the strip teasing, may do more full naked shoots in nature in the future.

    • Certainly. I would be eager to see what magic you can make in different settings. Your nakedness is in and of itself a powerful statement.

      • Nikki Silver says:

        Yes, my dream honestly would be to have a lover I could travel around with and shoot me in different natural landscapes! And would be great if it was a hairy girl that I could also shoot!

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