Bushy Lingerie


  1. gatoblanco says

    Looking closely, it’s noticable that Pearl is sweating lightly. Very sexy.

  2. shackwise12 says

    well worth waiting for- a life saver in these weird times!

  3. TallPaul says

    Absolutely breathtaking!!

  4. Pussylover says

    Will it be more pictures of her pussy, I become so happy and randy when I see a pussy in detail and spreaded

  5. When I was growing up and looking at men’s magazines with my friends all of my drive & instincts made me always want the woman with the hairiest pussy so much, that meant she was a woman, not a little girl. Some models had scarce or thin pussy hair, but they always just looked too young to me, I always wanted a grown woman! That’s why I don’t like most porn today, they shave their pussies to look like a young girls! There is nothing on earth more gorgeous than a grown woman’s bush! This set of Pearl is heaven on earth, the pictures of her sitting on the chair & showing her hairy pussy are the greatest I have ever seen! Omg that bush, Pearl’s hairy pussy is the greatest site I have ever seen! Holy God, I love the shots from the side to show how long & thick & gorgeous Pearl’s pussy hair is! Pearl is so beautiful, she is heaven! Pearl is the most genetically blessed girl I have ever seen in my life!

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