1. You’re right, I agree with you. You’re really super sexy and your body is delicious. Your natural beauty makes me crazy for you. You are my star, thank you Nikki!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    i agree also. Perfect as always. Can you say me any reason why the most people like shaved women?
    Shaved women looks always the same but every unshaven woman is unique.
    In your Bio you have written, that you play tennis. Is it possible, that you can make a photo session on the tennis place in a sexy tennis dress?


    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi there,

      I will be addressing the topic of why most people like shaved women in an upcoming blog post.

      I do play tennis! I added a short white tennis dress to my wishlist here: http://a.co/cdD4pjJ – Go ahead and purchase it for me and I’ll do my best to do a photoset on a tennis court, that would be super fun!

  3. shackwise11 says:

    the close-ups of your hairy legs are the biz Nikki!

  4. HolderOfFate says:

    Wow! Where do I begin, Nikki? Absolutely stunning as always. I always love rear shots of your delicious furry ass as well. The color of the lingerie also brings out the beauty in your eyes (which I also loved seeing on your body tour!). I like these tasteful shots. Nothing too exposed but it still enhances your natural sexiness and physique. I have to say, Nikki. I’ve always been attracted to hairy women. Bare and shaved women are actually a turn off for me. When I lost my virginity, I actually couldn’t cum because I wasn’t that attracted to the girl because she had shaved that morning. Your models are a blessing as well. I actually knew about Harley before finding you and this site. She’s a model that I’ve always been crazily hot for. I recently bought the one-month access of this site but honestly, Nikki, I’ll be sending money to you again next month. The site sticks out from other natural sites. You care about the viewers, and the models. Not to mention you listen to opinions and feedback. I have some feedback of my own, actually:

    I noticed there was a roleplay category. I had a really sexy idea for some cosplay videos. One of my ideas was you as Wonder Woman, maybe Kisa as Catgirl, and Harley could be cosplaying as Zatanna Zatara (who is a sorceress in DC comics). Sorry, I admit to being a nerd haha. My second idea was you cosplaying maybe an amazonian queen and you find Harley who is an explorer in the jungle, so you make her submit to you. Do these ideas sound good? I read that you like to shoot outdoors, so this gives you another opportunity to exercise that lol!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi there,

      Welcome to the site and thanks for your compliments! I really do spend a lot of time interacting with and trying to take care of both models and viewers and making sure everyone is happy and having a safe and sexy time!

      Regarding your ideas, it’s no secret that both Kisa and Harley and very much nerds, into comic books, cosplay etc, I have my own nerdy tendencies, as well. Unfortunantly I think a cosplay scene on NN would be a turn off for some members, however if you’d like to order a custom video I could give you a good rate as I could use the scene as well, feel free to shoot me an email to get a quote – Nikki@NaughtyNatural.com

  5. TopTrainer says:

    Nikki you in these delicious slips drains my balls.

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