Cuddle Up


  1. I love the mood of this set. Nice and casual, in a relaxed environment featuring a beautiful series of poses and close ups of Nikki herself. The world of hairy erotica would be a lot less interesting without Nikki┬┤s considerable contributions. Thank you for the upload, Nikki!

  2. shackwise11 says:

    a great set Nikki!

  3. Hi Nikki,

    every time fantastic photos from you. Your body are so amazing. Your doggy position with slip on the first page looks very erotic. It impressed me that you are so flexible with your body. Very exiting when some parts of the body are hidden. Thanks for your Photos.


  4. hey nikki!

    i love how volptuious and healthy you look! it only adds to your charm!

  5. AdamFinkler says:

    Please, more hairy ass hole close ups!

  6. Nikki Silver says:

    Thanks you all! You are really stroking my ego! Hope you enjoy the video as well, we know E.N. did! xo

  7. TopTrainer says:

    Top knot looks great Nikki xxxxx

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