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  1. I must thank Nikki for introducing a new dimension to hairy porn. In my opinion, hairy porn is not just hairy porn; before finding Nikki and NN, I tried out various other hairy sites. In spite of largely liking the contents, I was still left with a lukewarm feeling, until stumbling across Nikki´s Twitter profile many years ago. Whereas I earlier had to settle for unimaginative and generic photography, Coupled with robotic and predictable video clips, NN signalled a whole new intent. A site that listens to its members, expertly finds the most beautiful hairy babes in the business, and takes hairy photography to levels previously unheard of. The beautiful lighting, gorgeous close ups and willingness to embrace the entirety of a natural woman´s hair, is something that is only offered on NN.

  2. CunningLinguist says:

    Jane has the most beautiful moustache in the world. <3

  3. I have to agree with “EN” with everything said. I was a subscriber to “another” hairy site for years. I mean YEARS!!!!! It filled all my yearnings for years till this last year. Thankfully I found Nikki’s site and I’ve been a fan of Nikki’s naturally sexy body for a long time. This site is like a breath of fresh sexy air!!!!!!! Love Nikki and Naughty and Natural!!!!! Can’t Enuff of Muff!!!!!!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Aw thank you YNGWIE18! I’m so glad you’ve made the switch. Honestly, I really feel like I’m the local, sustainable, high quality, handmade version of porn. Once you switch you see how much better it is in quality as well as how you feel about spending your $$ but it’s easier to get the cheaply made, high volume stuff. Hopefully the hairy revolution will include a switch to model empowered, small sites that help models themselves make a livelihood as opposed to exploitative men.

  4. Her mustache is incredible!

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