Desperate Housewife


  1. Great set of Katie, as always. Also, forget about Friedrich Nietzsche, Tom Selleck and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter; the best moustache of them all is located on Katie Zucchini´s lovely face. And yes, that was a compliment!

  2. Katie is a gorgeous woman – from head to toe. Everything thing about her is wonderful!

  3. CTHairyFriend says:

    I would love too . I can´t get my eyes off her 😉

  4. TopTrainer says:


  5. Fittarunka says:

    I am happy see her pussy

  6. Katie makes my penis so thick & hard for her! I wish she would cum back, she is the perfect woman, I ache to put all my baby batter in her gorgeous hairy pussy after smelling it & licking every inch of her & giving her tongue baths for days!!!

  7. Hi Nikki – is there any chance Katie will be back for more modelling? She’s so beautiful.

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