Girl in the Pines


  1. shackwise12 says

    great model, great scenery!

  2. Hey Nikki. Why do the models always have their arms raised? I get the hairy pits, but it is always more fun to see hints of fur, not extended arms with every shot. I don’t believe other fur sites (Hippy Goddess comes to mind) use this “technique.” It almost feels staged.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Hi there,
      I hear you on that. In general I feel like my personal tendency has been towards subltey but this site exist not only for my expression but to fulfill my members wishes and they always are commenting and emailing me about wanting to see hair exposed as clearly and openly as possible! However, that doesn’t mean I can’t include some shots where a models arms are down but pulled back a little to reveal some fur or even no armpit hair in a shot. Perhaps I’ve taken their requests a bit too literally as I am oft to do. So thank you for the reminder!

  3. alberty42 says


  4. gatoblanco says

    She’s fine beyond words.

  5. Hello Nikki Silver, would it be possible for you to make various lesbian movie from: Pearl Sage with Kisa Fae, Kisa fae with Minerva, Pearl Sage with Harley Hex, Minerva with Pearl Sage and Minerva with Harley Hex. Greetings Vinter

  6. Franzzzzia says

    beautiful hairy girl !

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