1. William Teichert says:

    Rosey is absolutely gorgeous. Hope to see more of her

  2. shackwise11 says:

    superb model !

  3. Rosey is sooooo beautiful! Nice photography too with natural sunlight making the shoot more erotic. Could have done more with those wonderful hairy nips and ass! Also suggest more of a voyeur approach in letting her do some little domestic chores while slowly revealing her natural assets, unaware of anyone there. That would be much more erotic than just stripping. That’s the problem with ATK — different outfits but then the usual strip that gets boring. Also ATK’s “scary hairy” is anyone who doesn’t shave. You at least stick to the “hairy” part. Women today are taken in by razor commercials as increasing femininity — such a waste of natural beauty.

  4. BTW, after the erotic backlighting, turn model around and use the sunlight for the shoot. It is the best lighting.

  5. YNGWIE18 says:

    Outstanding Set Of This Natural Vixen!!!!!!!!! Love Those Legs!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hairlover62 says:

    Rosey is my absolutely natural Dream-Girl!! Love her arms, pits, legs, pussy, ass — all of her..

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