1. pitlover420 says:

    new kisa set and not a single armpit shot? 🙁

    • Eivind Niclasen says:

      Actually, it does have a couple of armpit shots, where you see tufts of hair sticking out from under Kisa´s right arm. It happens to be one of my favourite types of armpit shots, so thank you for that, Nikki! There are also great close ups of pussy spreads and Kisa´s sexy facial hair. Another great set!

  2. Ah, the answer to a poor peasant’s prayer to Olympus: Naughty SUPERnatural. Kisa and Nikki, oh divine ones, I thank thee. 🙂

  3. shackwise11 says:

    Kisa never fails to impress and excite!

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