1. I love the uncompromising attitude towards picture and video quality prevalent on Naughty Natural. A picture set like this one takes up the space of a 30 minute long video clip in DVD quality. It´s definitely worth it, too. Especially when it features the lovely Nikki herself, who continues to be my favourite model on the site. No disrespect to the other fine ladies featured elsewhere on here, though!

  2. absolutely just awesome

  3. shackwise11 says:

    wow Nikki, really like these out and about shots of you, your hairy legs are just amazing in those superb sexy light colored heels, great contrast between dark hair and light shoes, makes me really hard! your set and Harleys’ most recent made my Xmas! thank you!!

    • Aw, so happy to have made your holidays great and thanks for all the compliments! I’ve been working with lots of different photographers and trying different things!

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