Hairy Boss Lady


  1. shackwise12 says:

    great set Nikki!

  2. VestaciaLove says:

    Thanks for sharing! So many great pictures from lots of great angles of your wonderful naturalness.

  3. YNGWIE18 says:

    Awesome Set (I’ve never seen otherwise)!!!!!!!!!! Always Love The Legs Closeups!!!!!!!! But I Just Love Every Thing About Nikki!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CunningLinguist says:

    As time goes by, Nikki’s only getting sexier. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous she’ll be looking a few years from now on.

  5. I love the strong, vivid colours in this set, as well as a selection of new and exciting angles featured. My favourite are the cleavage pictures, with nipple hairs discreetly peeking out from the fabric in Nikki┬┤s bra. The extreme pussy close ups are also breathtaking to watch. Hopefully those will continue as part of future picture sets. I would love to also see some extreme asshole close ups in the future, too.

  6. 1204douglas says:


  7. TheActualAdam says:

    I love the close ups. Is there a video of this to come?

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