Hairy Cheerleaders


  1. canklelover says:

    Very nice set, Miss Nikki. Miss Simone’s smoother body really contrasts with Miss Kisa’s furry body. The images where Miss Simone is holding Miss Kisa’s hair up really show off Miss Kisa’s sexy neck and lower back hair, something we don’t get to see very often as her head hair hides it. Wish there were some pictures of them doing some cheers … kicks and such. I can also think of a few naughty things to do with those pompoms. Overall, though, very nice.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    great combo, two of the best models!

  3. Simone looking lovely. She’s my all-time favourite, and I’ve collected her work from many sources. Is this a first of many new shoots for her?

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Unfortunantly I don’t have any more content of Simone right now but we were trying to schedule shooting some this spring and it did not work out. We are friends and in touch though and hoping to make it happen for the fall so there will indeed be more of her!

  4. invisibl says:

    Simone has a grade A fat shitter on her!

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