Hairy Fairy


  1. canklelover says:

    Another amazing photo set Miss Nikki! You capture Miss Kisa’s beauty so wonderfully. The purple clothes works beautifully with the green environment. Having only skimmed the set my favorites (so far) are: 38, 45, 86, 95, and 127. 38, 38 & 45 have a simple pose and a simple prettiness to them. 86 has a relaxed feel to it that I really like. 127 I particularly like the tossed head hair and facial expression. 95 has both overt sexuality and an almost religious feel to me. If you look at Miss Kisa from the chest up it reminds me of paintings of the saints from the late middle ages. Maybe that’s just my Catholic upbringing speaking, but it has that feel to me. Anyway, thank you again Miss Nikki and Miss Kisa for giving us another wonderful set of both artistic and sexy photos.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    totally brilliant, well done Nikki and Kisa!

  3. gatoblanco says:

    The most sensuous pix of all here were those of her sexy tongue. Once again great set with the lovely Kisa!

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