Hairy Glamour


  1. Eli Sufft says:

    Yay! So happy to see Simone again – never get enough of this gorgeous woman!

  2. I can´t think of any photographer/videographer, who is able to capture the totality of the beauty of the female anatomy quite like Nikki can. Simone Delilah is absolutely beautiful to watch. Not all photographers are able to convey that level of beauty on camera, but Nikki does it so well, plus the use of close ups is constantly getting better – I particularly enjoy the incredible view of Simone´s asshole in extreme close up. Delightful!

  3. Simone is a fav on my list. So gorgeous. One of the best bums ever. Don’t get me started on those arms. So many fun bits on her body
    Love her with long hair. Never seen her look better than in this shoot.
    Long hair, oh how I love it. Went on porn tube a while ago, did a search for long hair. Found some lovely girls, then thought why not type long haired hairjob. Found a lovely busty brunette, going down on a guy, using her hair to wrap around and then suck. Now I know what my favourite thing in porn is. I think I nearly hit the roof and had a heart attack. It looked like they were a real couple. She was wearing a bra and the camera was stationary.
    Thanks for Simone.
    Imagine Simone and Felix together !

  4. Back of the neck shot, oh yeh. Nice jewelry too. Arms crossed on legs, yeh yeh.
    I second what brother EN said

  5. Simone is not only drop dead gorgeous with stunning pits and bush, but her labia is absolutely breathtaking!!

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