Hairy Idol


  1. Carver’s bush and pits are just majestic!!! One of my all-time favorites!!!
    TY.TY.TY. Nikki and Carver!

  2. Eli Sufft says:

    Carver (or Zse Zse?) is so beautiful and sweet and her hair, all of it, is spectacular! Thank you both for these!

  3. gatoblanco says:

    I’ve followed this beauty for a couple of years on other websites as well, but this is the fuzziest she’s ever been. You win again Nikki!!!!

  4. buckeye1974 says:

    Wow what a goddess! Nikki can we please have Carver with another party? I would love to see her sit that massive bush on another woman’s face or have a stud shoot a load onto it and watch her massage it in!

  5. alberty42 says:

    Luv this Gal Awesome

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