Hairy Librarian


  1. shackwise11 says:

    Nikki, you never fail to impress and excite, a great set, your legs are worth a million!

  2. Nikki´s hair is getting more impressive for every picture set of herself, that she releases – not least her gorgeous, thick head hair.

  3. kmack111 says:

    Hey Nikki, where’s the video? You posted that the video would be up on the 22nd.

    • If the video was announced, it probably means it´s already been recorded. It´s on his way, so no reason to not enjoy this picture set while waiting for its companion piece. Mind you, this is a huge picture file compared to many others on the site, so perhaps Nikki figured members would temper their patience if treated to a set of this magnitude.

  4. Gazing at pink lotus blossoms
    Rising above the shimmering pond…
    I am reminded of your wet
    and delicious pussy.

  5. You are such a beautiful woman Nikki! You are heaven on God’s earth! I would love to sleep with you, sense your every movement, and at night place my nose in your hairy arm pits and smell, just smell your heaven scent, and kiss and lick and just smell your heaven on earth scent! And sneak a kiss! Your arm pits are heaven on God’s earth! I love your hairy legs, I love your butt! Of course my eyes are transfixed on your hairy pussy when you show it! Holy Lord almighty, I had no idea you had so much hair on your nipples! I can see each hair, each beautiful hair! I’m so glad you started this site Nikki! When you bend over Nikki I have the strongest urge to lick your asshole-omg! Your asshole is so beautiful, it presents itself, it begs to be licked, it is so beautiful Nikki! It is so beautiful, I ache so much to smell it! It makes my penis so hard imagining smelling your asshole! I used to think that Penthouse founder Bob Guccione was a genius, but he never showed a magnificent pussy like you do Nikki, like this site does, it makes him look bad! You have a hairy magnificent pussy! Playboy never showed pussy lips, there was something very wrong with Hugh Hefner, The Vagina Monologues was created for men like Him. You make me enter heaven, heaven is looking at your pussy Nikki! One time I dated a girl and her teeth were so beautiful I made her let me suck them, your teeth are so beautiful Nikki, I would love to lick them and suck them! You make me breath so hard, when I see you! All the blood going to my penis I guess! Omg, such a beautiful woman, with such a hairy pussy! I want to smell it every day, have its scent on my face all day! Your pussy looks like heaven on earth delicious! Bob Guccione, in a million years could never show a woman’s pussy like you do Nikki! I used to get off on Penthouse, but your pussy is heaven on god’s earth Nikki, he looks like crap compared to your site Nikki!

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