Hairy Lily


  1. shackwise11 says:

    great to see this super model again!

  2. A gorgeous woman with magnificent pits and bush!!

  3. This is a another hairy model that should do a girl girl scene, I know she has already done one but I was not very satisfied with it. There was no face buried pov shots in that scene which I did not like, I want girl girl scenes that I can go back to over and over.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi heihachi,

      I’d be happy to shoot more girl/girl scenes of Jane! However, are you only interested in girl/girl scenes which include the face buried POV shot? I’m gathering that this particular shot is very hot to many people so I will include it in all future scenes but really, you can’t even watch a scene without it?

  4. I love the pose where the model is on her knees and the shot is from behind and you can see her ass, the back of her pussy, her armpit hair and the side of her boob!

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