Hairy Perfection


  1. shackwise12 says:

    currently best hairy legs model on site, longing for nylons, heels set !

  2. YNGWIE18 says:

    Yes her legs are outstanding but it’s really hard to pick which “naughty natural” goddess has the best legs. They are all 10s in my world. And this is a great set too with lots of leg close ups!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE6000 says:

    Omg I LOVE Bella so much, she is so gorgeous, I love her dark hair, her heaven underarm hair & that THICK, gorgeous hairy pussy! Her tattoo above her pussy is so gorgeous, I would LOVE to ask her if I could look at it more closely & get a good whiff of her delicious, dream hairy pussy while I am looking at it, and then after looking and really looking closely & smelling her pussy, maybe graze it & lightly touch it, then tell her it is the greatest, most beautiful site I have ever seen!!! She takes me penis to HEAVEN, I love the hair on her gorgeous legs & how it blends & meets her thick, dream heaven pussy hair!!! I LOVE the wetness dripping from her pussy when she spreads her legs!!!

  4. paulwise says:

    Non c’รจ storia: Bella gode davvero!

  5. CunningLinguist says:

    Admiring Bella’s creaminess literally made my mouth water. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dip their tongue into this beautiful woman’s pussy and savour her feminine taste and scent? Speaking of, I would love to see her in a girl-girl or boy-girl video, if she would be up to it.

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