Hairy Worship


  1. mrpaulw says:

    DAMN, nothing hotter than watching the gorgeous Nikki’s pits being licked and her awesome and hairy pussy being filled with cock!!!

  2. Cujo420 says:

    I’ve been waiting for another hardcoreason with you Nikki! Can’t wait for the vid!

  3. CunningLinguist says:

    So happy to finally see some boy/girl content on N&N again. When it comes to furry fucking, the internet is still short on quality content. Can’t wait to see the full video.

  4. antykon says:

    A bit disappointed that the male talent had his body shaved, given that this is a place to celebrate natural looks. But that’s my opinion.

  5. shackwise11 says:

    your hairy legs under nylon are sublime!

  6. I really like, and is AWESOME see how fuck her, but the guy didn’t come!! C’mon!! And pleaseee: Don’t use condom to fuck!!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I recommend checking out the video, he definitely comes in the video. We thought better to save his cum for a video than photos, right? When you see both in a scene it means the guy had to cum twice and that’s really hard to do in one day.

      Anyways, since I am a real live human responding to you, the ‘her’ you are writing about, I will explain why we used a condom. Ruckus and I are sexy friends but we are not exclusive partners. Getting tested adequately to do no condom shoots is expensive and something I personally don’t want to do. (I’m a needlephobe and I hate going to the doctor)

      The reason I book Ruckus is because he’s a great performer and we have great chemistry. For him to get booked for other gig’s he has to make sure he doesn’t expose himself to not adequately tested performers. (before you write me about how I need to get tested, relax, I do get STI tested but the testing that is required by companies when you are shooting no – condom is a different type of testing.)

      All that ASIDE from the possibility of pregnancy. I am not and have never been on hormonal birth control as I am committed to being all natural, from head to toe.

      There are a handful of shoots I did a few years ago with my previous fluid bonded partner, that you can check out here:

      I am not currently fluid bonded with any men so I don’t know when I’ll be shooting that type of content again. It’s certainly possible in the future but it’s not something I would do with someone I wasn’t already in a relationship with, does that make sense?


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