I’m back!


  1. Not just gorgeous, but overwhelmingly so. Great close ups, head hair looks thicker and sexier than ever before and the colours and setting look warm and lovely. Welcome back, Nikki!

  2. shackwise11 says:

    great to see another top set of you, Nikki!

  3. OMG Nikki, I want to run my tongue ALL over your PUSSY from behind and TASTE your GORGEOUS HEAVEN HAIRY ASSHOLE!!! You are SO BEAUTIFUL NIKKI-HYPNOTIC!!! Holly God you are BEAUTIFUL-I WISH I could smell your pussy!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ooh Nikki,what a wonderful photo-set! Thank you for for so many pictures of my favorite pose on page 4, pictures 18 to 35,wow. Sitting naked with your arms up and your hands at the top of your head displaying both of your sexy hairy armpits, and at the same time spreading your very hairy bare legs wide open, with your furry hairy calves and shapely hairy thighs in the sunshine and revealing your hairy pussy with hairy thigh spillage! This such a sexy yielding hairy pose that turned me on so much. Now please, the videos are full screen, but the photo’s are so tiny, especially the vertical pictures, maybe 10% of the screen.Can your tech people change to a full screen format, with wide angle and zoom like atk. Thank you for your consideration, Love Warren.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hey Warren,

      I’ll ask my programmer if that’s possible. For now you can download the set in even higher resolution and do whatever you like with it!

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