Kisa and Harley Part 2


  1. This picture set is so well made, so over the top epic, that it´s almost like being there. Another example of an upload that feels like a custom set, so thank you! This also leads to the question: Are you a mind reader, Nikki?

  2. shackwise11 says:

    brilliant set!

  3. kmack1119 says:

    Why are the video updates always late? Pictures up the 1st, video the 5th. It’s the 5th in the evening, still no video. Sorry to be a pain or whatever but I’m here for the hairy girl on girl video (which is great) and would love to see what is said is going to be there. I’m hoping to see the lesbian content increase here, any chance that’s going to happen?

    • Nikki Silver says:

      All updates go up at 6pm PST(Pacific Standard Time) – depending on where you are in the world that may be very late. If they go up later that’s because there’s some problem, but that very rarely happens. When I update with a sex scene, which is typically 45 – 60 minutes long, I count that for 2 updates, so I skip one day.

      I would love to shoot more lesbian content but we simply aren’t bringing in enough members, (ie money) to shoot a ton of lesbian content. The cost is 6x or more that of a solo scene which is why I update every other month with a lesbian scene.

      I have simply found no way to shoot authentic and real feeling sex scenes for any cheaper. Other sites do it by having models shoot say 4, 20 minute sex scenes in 1 day, as opposed to 1 scene that is almost an hour long, allows chemistry to build, fluids to flow, etc. If you want to go watch very rushed, fake scenes, you’ll have to go to another site.

      If you’d like to see more real and authentic hairy lesbian content and help the site grow, I suggest signing up for our affiliate program and promoting the site:

  4. gatoblanco says:

    Damn!!!! Just jack off on something else until it goes up! Great pix. I love the close ups of wet tongues in hairy places, great clarity!

  5. hairycurvydirty says:

    Whoa. I signed up for pictures of Harley, but seeing her ass licked by Kisa is heaven…

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