Kisa and Harley!


  1. gatoblanco says:

    This is the clash of the hairy titans! I can’t believe none of these dick jackers are not commenting on how great it is.

  2. gatoblanco says:

    We need some actual video footage of these two lovely ladies!!!!!

  3. Oh my, this is close to overkill! Just kidding, never will I tire of admiring these two beauties. There is almost too much loveliness on display here. These two beauties represent an abundance of what NN is really about. What society scorns, we celebrate. This is female beauty at its best; two gorgeous women not afraid to flaunt their stuff and be admired by us, who dare to be in opposition to society´s deeply unnatural and, frankly, forced standards of “beauty”. Kisa and Harley don´t just rule, they reign.

  4. shackwise11 says:

    superb set, 2 of the greats!

  5. shadow_93 says:

    sono favolose queste due donne splendide

  6. I have the same problem

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