Kisa Hardcore


  1. If not for Nikki´s recent revelation that this was happening, I would continue to think of this as an impossible dream. As amazing as the models on NN are, we are not used to seeing them actually fuck, but here it is!

    Thank you, Nikki, can´t wait to see the scene when it lands!

  2. Excellent!! Stumbled across the video last night!

  3. shackwise12 says:

    love the stockings! happy new year!

  4. I don’t believe I have ever seen the awesome Kisa in a B/G scenario before and it is outstanding!!! It was long wanted and very much appreciated. Great work Nikki!

  5. marioChile says:

    The best new year gift. Absolutely amazing. waiting for the video

  6. WOW, amazing. I am so looking forward to this video. Thanks girls, and guy

  7. Oh my GOD!!! I really enjoy fucking scenes!! Kisa is one of my favorites models. But Pleaseee, do not use condom!!! And I would like to see this guy cumming!!

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