1. Wow! That is a very sexy set. Beautiful! Thanks a lot!

  2. Really hope there’s a video for this set!

  3. Awesome set, great to see lots of pics of your fantastic pits!!

  4. Eivind Niclasen says:

    We rarely read comments of people complimenting Nikki on her head hair, which I am a great fan of. It looks so lush, long and sexy; like the best shampoo advert ever. I wouldn´t mind seeing a whole picture set focused on her beautiful locks, but this set shows many good views of it flowing down her back. Well captured!

  5. shackwise11 says:

    it’s what you do best, Nikki, love the close-ups of your hairy legs under delicious nylon, esp the seams and heels, oh yes!, same sets for all hairy leg models would be much appreciated! thank you!

  6. pipelayer says:

    Oh man Nikki I would love you give you an all over tongue bath! And YES keep growing out you head hair LONG! So sexy!

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