Lonely Witch


  1. No disrespect to the other fine ladies on this site, but I love watching and downloading new material featuring my personal favourite, Nikki. Photogenic, effortlessly beautiful, naturally sexy and with tons of integrity. Another great set to add to the collection, then!

    PS. I love the pussy gaping at the end of the set. Have you ever pondered the possibility of using a speculum in videos or photo sets? I have seen it in some videos, and it looks very exciting when lit properly, which is never a problem on a classy site like this one. Thanks for another amazing set!

  2. econcealment says:

    Beautiful set! I love how your pit hair curls when your sweaty!

  3. shackwise11 says:

    you always please me Nikki, keep it up!

  4. Thomas Sneddon says:

    I love the tongue close up’s(as it helps drive my fantasies of your tongue in my mouth.)I’ve always loved the first person perspective in photo sets,as I can never get enough of them!

  5. neil macleod says:

    would not have thought of you as a witch , but do know a couplle.

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