More Minerva!


  1. garibaldi52 says:

    minerva ha dei peli stupendi specie quelli delle gambe

  2. shackwise12 says:

    totally brilliant, add high heels and feel the surge! One of the best hairy models going!

  3. tamhonthien says:

    Waiting for a hairy vid

  4. schnaps111 says:

    Fantastic! Minerva is so beautiful!

  5. Fittarunkaren says:

    Undertbart att få se hennes fitta

  6. I am so, so, so glad you brought Minerva here! I have her sets from & am going to join to get her newer sets there too! She is a genetic masterpiece with one of the thickest, hairiest, most perfect pussies I have ever seen! She is so beautiful, her bush is the greatest site of heaven I have ever seen!!! I love her blue highlights in her hair here & most of all her big, thick, long gorgeous, gorgeous hairy pussy! Omg, her hairy pussy makes my penis enter heaven!!! She is perfection, I love her dimples, my penis is head over heels in love with her big bush!!! I love a woman with a bush so thick, you can’t see her pussy unless she spreads her bush open, I love when she sits in the chair & we get to look at her gorgeous pussy & her mound of thick, gorgeous, exquisite pussy hair! Her pussy lips are gorgeous, these images are the most heaven I have ever seen! her pussy lips are perfect, I love when a woman spreads her pussy lips open & they stay open!!!

  7. Minerva really doesn’t care about my male self-esteem. It’s not enough for her to be superior to me on the hairy side … The bushes that grow down the inner thighs are a real provocation 😉 I can’t keep up in the slightest and I’m extremely aroused by it.

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