New Model! Cookie


  1. laserman says:

    Great model! Love those hips !

  2. EastCoaster says:

    This woman is everything. That “next door neighbor” face, that booty and those hips. I’m a fan!. Another great find for the legendary Nikki Silver. Thanks Nikki!

  3. kaneshawn says:

    nikki, Where do you find all these beautiful hairy women? Its just so amazing that you can find all these beautiful women. I would have to subscribe to this site for a very long time.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      They are my friends, my friends, friends, part of my extended community! Guess what, people like me! And they contact me to shoot all the time. I have a good reputation and I make friends easily – done.

  4. gnoda42 says:

    Lovely! She is a true salt-of-the-earth woman. I love the fact that she is older, and comfortable with her own self-image.

  5. edwardelgar says:

    Cookie – the most wonderful and beautiful woman I saw for a long time. She is a dream! More from Cookie! Please.

  6. Beautiful and natural. And those big full haunches (saddle bags) WOW.
    Rare find, indeed.
    I’m getting spoiled with all these beautiful, natural, hairy arm-pitted
    and big bushed models..Ummm, Umm GOOD.

  7. more of Cookie, please!
    she is great!

  8. Stunning model! Spectacular booty!

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