New Model! Magnolia Headlock


  1. Jozin z Bazin says:

    Perfect women 🙂

  2. Beautiful and curvy. Since I don´t see any wrestling going on in this photo set, does she actually call herself Headlock? I am down with Magnolia, but Headlock does sound …confusing. Apart from that, it´s great to see a girl with a full and round figure also included on here. I like women of all shapes, or most, sizes and find Magnolia very appealing.

  3. Agree with elvind, I appreciate women of many types, nerdy with glasses, chunky, skinny, athletic, aquatic, sensitive & poetic as long as they’re hairy and climax with earnestness and enthusiasm! Magnolia is further confirmation of Nikki’s excellent taste in alluring women!

    • We think alike, mecho. Honest is good. The definition of physical imperfection is subjective. I, for instance, have a thing for saggy boobs. I love them for their honesty, and would choose them over any size of implants, which to me are non-breasts. Magnolia is, in my opinion, a beautiful girl with a very sexy figure. She is hairy, which I obviously love, and looks nothing like a mainstream pornstar. On the contrary, she looks like a real woman with all that lovely body hair, that makes us so excited. Again, honesty all the way for me.

  4. Pretty face , cute smile , great body – fantastic new discovery ! Thanks Nikki !

  5. Sexy and Hot!

  6. Aw, so glad Magnolia is getting a good reception here! Yes I am very happy to have a curvier model, i hope to show a wide diversity of models from curvy to very thin, whatever is natural for the models’ body, that’s what I want to shoot!

  7. “whatever is natural for the models’ body”

    Thats it! Thats all that matters!
    Magnolia looks totally HOT as she is. She has a lot of sexual energy.

  8. Thank you all! So glad you enjoyed 🙂 xox

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