New Model! Olive Wren!


  1. takenakagawa1 says:

    OMG! This photoset is so so amazing! I really like it so much. LIke as always I’m admiring Olive’s outstanding hairy assets, she no doubt could prove it this time as well, but as for this photoset, I’m thinking everything might be better than ever! Here’s my frank impressions. Thanks to the clear image and the nice backdrop of beautiful nauture, in additio to Olive’s hairy assets and her lovely smile with wearing a nice color bikini as well as a cool bandana, this photoset get finished so great. Many thanks to the hairy goddess, photographer, Nikki and the superb hairy model, Olive! I’m looking forward to the next one and a lot more to come.

  2. shackwise12 says:

    Yeah, thoroughly echo above comments, Olive will be a great addition to Nikki’s already brilliant site, I can attest to Olive’s superb hairy features, gorgeous, beautiful face and disposition, a cracker to take us into this glorious autumnal weekend!! A sure fire hit for all members!!🥰

  3. gatoblanco says:

    Sexy as can be.

  4. 1421Swimbo says:

    absolutely awesome!! Olive is gorgeous and the setting and photography outstanding!

  5. I subscribe to the “the more the merrier” category of body hair fetishism, and to me Olive Wren is up there with Kisa and Harley. Not since discovering the Hirsute Sandra photos from the mid-90s well over a decade ago have I been this aroused by a picture set. What a scoop!

  6. buskmand123 says:

    Olive Wren or Cockteau Twink as she also calls herself is one of the most outstanding beautiful hirsute female I have ever seen. Incredible hairy belly. You have to go back to the 80’s to find a girl named Rosa to se a belly like that and of course Hirsute Sandra from the 90’s. Fantastic pictures of her body here. Love them. Can’t wait to see more. Hope they come soon. Thumbs up!

  7. bushman1942 says:

    Nikki you continue to out do yourself .Just when I think I have seen the hairiest women ever in Kisa Harley and Page you drop another bomb on us. Olive could very well take the Throne of the hairiest Queen ever! She doesn’t just have a treasure trail she has a forest on her stomach ! Can hardly wait for her debut in Casting Couch 9

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