Nikki at the River


  1. Wow! This set has absolutely everything any admirer of hairy women could wish for. Nikki´s beautiful face and sexy curves are so well captured. Plenty of close ups (yes!), a generous dose of Nikki´s luscious head hair and, not to forget, a healthy sprinkling of boner-inducing images of Nikki´s wet body hair. The pussy spreads also make for very exciting viewing! Thank you, Nikki!

  2. gekko808state says:

    Nikki is my goddess!

  3. canklelover says:

    Thank you, Miss Nikki, for another sexy and artistic set! Excellent shots of your lovely breast hair (you’ve moved beyond only having nipple hair!), full bush and amazing leg hair. And I noticed you have a few lovely little mustache hairs–pics 3, 14, 29, and 32 show them the best! Your hair overall is awesome, but I’m really drawn to sexy lady facial hair.
    Again, thank you Miss Nikki, for such great work. And continuing to #ResistTheRazor

  4. Wow Nikki! Your bush, and hairy on your upper inner thighs look amazing all wet! Would love to see closeups of your treasure trail all wet too

  5. Nikki-you are the most perfect woman I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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