Ocean Waves


  1. canklelover says:

    This is perhaps one of the greatest photosets I’ve ever seen! Sexy lingerie on the beautiful Miss Kisa, showing her lovely hairy body! I swear she’s gotten even hairier since the last set! There are some excellent closeups of her sexy mustache and beard! Also, picture 43 gives an awesome shot of Miss Kisa’s hairy bottom and the super sexy patch of hair on the small of her back (just above her butt crack.)
    Thank you, Miss Kisa, for continuing to let all your lovely hair grow, especially your facial hair.
    Thank you, Miss Nikki, for capturing Miss Kisa’s beauty for us.

  2. Canklelover nails it with his comment. I also greatly appreciate the close ups of Kisa´s moustache as well as seeing the hairs on her lower back. Super exciting stuff!

  3. shackwise11 says:

    fab set, the stockings do it every time!

  4. Simply fantastic. Both Kisa and the photo set. I love to see every detail of Kisas superiority. Compared to her I feel like a little wimpy boy. No region on my body and face I can keep up with her. Perfectly exciting. Thank you

  5. gatoblanco says:

    I simply adore this chick. I would love to see some photos of side view close ups, of that beautiful and thick bush. They are the best pix to actually see how long and lovely the length of the hair is. Great set, as usual!

  6. Kisa is so amazing. I could a lifetime worshiping that hair. Their is not a single part of that magnificent body I wouldn’t want to touch and taste. The facial hair is incredibly erotic.

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