Olivia and New Model; Caressa Silk


  1. shackwise11 says:


  2. mrpaulw says:

    So nice to see Caressa has joined Nikki and friends here at NaughtyNatural. Caressa has a magnificent bush and her pits are flat gorgeous. She has such a lithe, athletic body and she is beautiful. And I has always been a huge fan of Olivia and her curvy and wonderfully hairy pits and bush. These two are a pair a full house couldn’t beat!!

  3. Devil Jin says:

    The face buried in bush point of view shots are fantastic, this is a very quality picture set. If I was you Nikki I would of released this after the video, theres a lot of spoilers in this set lol. If you have all your girl on girl picture sets with face buried is bush shots from this point forward then they will be just as exciting than the video itself. Thank you for this very good picture set though, I really like it.

  4. FurLover says:

    Love this. Can’t wait for the video. Love Olivias sexy mouth on Caressas bush and pits. Love the kissing too! Yum!!

  5. gatoblanco says:

    Nice face in bush shots. Great work and angles as usual.

  6. thezip001 says:

    Got here for the pictures of Caressa and discovered an equal but different beauty in Olivia. She is built magnificently. I love butts and could make myself at home worshiping those. I was so jealous of Caressa caressing those lovely butt cheeks of Olivia. The picture (151) with Caressa buried in Olivia’s bush was a stunning picture of Caressa’s eye.

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