1. shackwise12 says:

    top of the crop Nikki!

  2. OMG!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  3. I was at work when noticing Nikki´s tweet announcing this glorious picture set. When reading the words “close ups” I literally got a boner – and I was wearing sweatpants! Apart from that little inconvenience, I am close to being moved to tears by many of the images here, especially the aforementioned close ups. The feminine beauty and natural eroticism on display here is among the very best I have ever seen. A big thank you to Nikki for sharing her loveliness with us lucky members.
    I also appreciate how the site keeps on evolving with bigger and bigger uploads, resulting in constantly improving video and picture quality. I rarely see that mentioned here, but Nikki deserves praise for consistently raising the bar.

  4. monetasmr says:

    Hey Nikki it’s Alyssa! Omg you look so gorgeous. I especially like the location you chose.

  5. I return to this set often…thanks so much for this art Nikki. Who else looks this good and is also responsible for the best website / platform out there today? We are so lucky to have you !

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